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Settlement Studies

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Settlement Studies

Do you want to support and empower newcomers to Canada? Start your career as a settlement service worker through this two-year diploma program. Learn how to help newcomers integrate into their communities while advocating for their rights.  

Have you taken the Community Support Worker program at NorQuest? If so, you have received transferable credits and can enter Year 2 of the Settlement Studies program.

What to expect from the program

During this program, you’ll develop the knowledge and skills necessary to help newcomers to Canada access the services they need to thrive, such as housing, schooling, employment, transportation, healthcare, and more.

After completing this program, you’ll be able to:

  • Determine your clients' needs through assessments and interviews, then refer them to the services they require
  • Recognize how the transition to life in Canada can affect family dynamics
  • Support individuals with disabilities
  • Provide your clients with current resources available to newcomers
  • Document and observe your clients’ needs
  • Develop action plans for newcomers struggling with trauma or culture shock
  • Identify the laws and policies around settlement services in Canada
  • Understand how other cultures address mental health challenges and disabilities

This program is offered in two different delivery options: in person at our downtown Edmonton campus or Hyflex, meaning you can choose if you’d like to attend class in person or online.

Graduate with experience

At NorQuest College, we believe hands-on training and real-world experience provides our students with the education they need to succeed in their careers. In our Settlement Studies program, you’ll take part in two field experiences where you will:

  • Graduate with 400 hours of field experience
  • Work with individuals, families, communities, and organizations in a settlement setting
  • Directly apply the knowledge and skills you learned in your courses to real settlement work

After completing the field placements, you’ll have settlement experience you can use in your resume and cover letter. You’ll also have the chance to work with clients and gain confidence in understanding the complex needs of newcomers and supporting their integration into Canada.

The Canadian Settlement in Action: History and Future textbook is a high-quality, interactive resource that focuses exclusively on the field of settlement work in a Canadian context.

Developed at NorQuest by our in-house subject-matter experts and external community partners, this textbook was designed with NorQuest learners in mind and is written from the perspective of settlement workers, for settlement workers. It is available online (and free of charge) to anyone with access to the internet, and can be accessed here.

Career opportunities

As a settlement service worker, you’ll play a crucial role in Canada’s immigration system. You can explore career opportunities in the non-profit sector, settlement sector, and various departments within the municipal and provincial governments. You may also be employed by agencies that have partnerships with schools and public libraries. 

Some job titles you can explore include: 

  • Settlement practitioner/consultant/counsellor 
  • Immigration partnership coordinator 
  • Settlement case manager 
  • Settlement support worker 
  • Newcomer planner 
  • Settlement outreach worker 

By taking this program, you can also gain transferable credits to several Athabasca University’s degree programs to advance your career and increase your earning potential. Learn more by visiting the future education page.

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