Research and innovation

NorQuest College transforms communities, organizations, and businesses through applied research projects, innovation opportunities and partnerships, and customized, practical training.

We build strong collaborative partnerships with clients and stakeholders, and provide workforce-relevant services, resources, and information for our partners. Through research and innovation, we foster the social and economic development of Edmonton and the surrounding regions, increase employee engagement, enhance our educational practices, and promote student growth and success. These activities are central to the college’s Strategic Plan and take place across all programs and at all NorQuest campuses.

As a key member of Edmonton's innovation ecosystem, we offer nimble, responsive, and flexible solutions to emerging markets and trends. We create new training programming that delivers the workforce you need, and the experts, spaces, and places to deliver it. We conduct ground breaking applied research that informs and strengthens our communities and organizations. We help drive innovation, from skills development to spaces and partnerships. And, we'll help create positive and productive solutions to the societal and economic challenges we face, building a stronger, more resilient, and more successful province and country.

We not only build on our traditional strengths and deep roots in diversity and inclusion, health, business, and foundational learning, we look to new opportunities in clean energy, the green economy, and new technologies.

NorQuest College Research Office

The NorQuest College Research Office provides a range of research services and supports to internal and external researchers, as well as local businesses and organizations. Research Office staff work with NorQuest faculty and students to develop, implement, and fund research projects by providing both formal training and informal mentorship. The Research Office team also works with business, industry, and community partners on applied research and innovation projects.

NorQuest College Innovation Studio

Funded by the Government of Canada and the province of Alberta, the NorQuest Innovation Studio is located on the fifth floor of the Civic Employees Legacy Tower. The Innovation Studio creates closer ties with business, industry, and local community organizations, as well as serves as a testing ground for new ideas and lines of business. Additionally, the Innovation Studio breaks down disciplinary silos within the organization to provide a seamless point of service for its customers.

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