Delivery methods

In person

Courses are delivered in a classroom setting with face-to-face instruction, and regularly scheduled class meetings. These can be delivered:

  • Day: Classes are delivered with day time meeting schedules, Monday – Friday.
  • Evenings: Classes are delivered with evening meeting schedules, Monday – Friday.
  • Weekends: Classes are delivered with weekend meeting schedules.


Offered in an online setting. In-person meetings may be needed for some programs to complete laboratory components. Online courses are offered two ways:

  • Real-time: You follow a real-time class schedule and must attend live, online classes at specific dates and times.
  • Anytime: There are no scheduled class meetings. You choose when to do your coursework online. Classes have specific start and end dates. There may be due dates for some assignments during the class.

Open entry/open exit

You will be assigned a start date depending on your registration date and will be given a set number of weeks to complete the course. You can complete the course before your specific end date.


A method of course delivery where online and in-person/real-time instruction are required components.


A course delivery mode that allows you to choose at any given time throughout the course your preferred method of participation by attending in person, online real-time, or online anytime through recorded video after the actual meeting time. The course outcomes and quality of teaching and learning remain the same no matter the delivery mode a student chooses. Watch a video to learn more.

Ways to study


You are registered in at least 60% of a program’s full course load by term.


You are registered in fewer than 60% of a program’s full course load by term.

Part-time study options

Most NorQuest College programs are designed to be taken full-time. See your program’s Course page for the recommended enrolment path for a full-time student. If you are planning to study part-time, consider that:

  • many courses have prerequisites.
  • not all courses (including field experience and practicums) are offered every term. You may delay your progress through the program if you do not follow the recommended enrolment path.
  • some programs must be completed within a specified time period.
  • some mandatory fees are charged on a per-term basis, so your costs may increase if you extend your program length.
  • your eligibility for funding or student loans may be affected by your part-time status.

Full-time or part-time

You can choose to study full-time or part-time in a program.

Open Studies

Registration in post-secondary courses while not in a specific program. Students can take up to 9 credits per term and 18 credits overall in Open Studies.

OpenProgram is currently accepting applications
LimitedProgram is nearing capacity, or seats are currently being reserved only for select populations. You may be placed on a waitlist.
WaitlistProgram is currently at capacity and accepting applications for a waitlist. See Waitlist information for more details.
FullProgram is at capacity, and is no longer accepting applications.
UpcomingProgram is not yet accepting applications.