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NorQuest College provides an inclusive, welcoming environment where high school learners can see the limitless possibilities of their future. By inspiring hope and creating opportunities, NorQuest helps learners get a head start on their educational journey, so they can get that much closer to achieving their goals.

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    But that's not all! We have more course offerings and pathways.

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Setting students up for success

After completing a dual credit program, high school students can graduate with post-secondary credits that are transferable to many universities or colleges in Alberta.

Not only does dual credit programming lighten their first-year course load, but students can also explore their interests and discover which subjects and topics they enjoy the most. As students embrace careers that spark their interest and align with their passions, they are more likely to succeed in their academic journey.

In addition, students will gain a first-hand introduction into post-secondary education. They will understand the demands of a faster-paced, more independent experience, so they can be better prepared for university or college.

Cost-effective without sacrificing quality

To make our programming more accessible, NorQuest offers competitive pricing for school districts while continuing to provide the quality, job-relevant education we’re known for across Alberta.

By providing a transparent cost breakdown on each program, NorQuest helps schools understand exactly where their money is going. Plus, by expanding our delivery methods and offering more online options, NorQuest increases the number of high school students who can take dual credit programs.

Providing a safe place of belonging

For many students, attending higher education feels intimidating or difficult to achieve, especially if they come from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. NorQuest provides a safe place of belonging where students can learn and grow. As a diverse and inclusive campus community, we welcome students from all backgrounds and encourage them to express their most authentic selves.

When students feel supported and accepted, they can better embrace their education and feel more hopeful and optimistic about their futures.

Frequently asked questions 

Do you have any questions about dual credit, including delivery options, credit transferability, fees, and more? Visit our frequently asked questions page for more information!

How to apply

If you are a school interested in applying for dual credit, please contact dual.credit@norquest.ca.

If you’re a student or parent of a student interested in dual credit programming at NorQuest, please reach out to your high school councellor or administrator.

For more information

If you are interested in dual credit programs for high school students, contact your high school counselor or administrator.