Next steps for accepted students

You're about to begin an exciting journey and we're excited for you!

You've applied and paid your application fee, and you’ve been accepted to NorQuest College. Here’s what you need to do next.

See How to apply for the step-by-step application and admission process.

Step 1: Carefully read any correspondence from NorQuest College
  • Read all communications from the Office of the Registrar, as there will be important information or deadlines requiring your attention.
  • Log in to your MyMail account and review your emails. NorQuest College uses your college email account as the primary means of communicating with applicants and registered students, so check often for messages.
  • Check your MyQuest account. Our online student centre provides real-time information on your admission status and Your 'To Do' list. You can also update your personal information with any changes since submitting your application. You may also email to ask about the status of your admission.
Step 2: Contact a student advisor if you require assistance with academic planning, course registration or with funding


Step 3: Submit any outstanding admission requirements

Complete and submit any items that may be needed to fulfill any outstanding admission requirements as soon as possible. These items will be outlined on your 'To Do' list and may include:

  • Transcripts, or statement of marks or unofficial transcripts for conditionally admitted students
  • skills assessments
  • documentation
  • non-academic admission requirements
  • conditions outlined in withdrawal forms if you attended NorQuest College previously and had to withdraw (if applicable)
  • conditions outlined in conditional admission letters (if applicable)
  • conditions outlined in provisional admission letters (if applicable)
  • registering for the first course in an online program before the end date of the term to which you have applied (if applicable)
Step 4: Get a study permit or student visa (international students only)

You will need your Official Letter of Admission issued by NorQuest College to get a study permit or student visa for a program longer than six months. Contact the Canadian embassy or consulate in your home country for details, or check online at Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Step 5: Apply for financial aid, if needed

Apply for financial aid, such as scholarships and bursaries, student loans, or grant funding, if needed.

See Funding your education for more information.

Step 6: Accept our admission offer by paying your tuition deposit

Pay the Tuition deposit or provide proof of Third-party sponsorship to accept the offer of admission and reserve your seat in the program. See Payment for ways to pay the deposit.

Once you have reserved your seat, you will receive information about how to register for classes.

  • Canadian/Permanent Resident student non-transferable tuition deposit: $400 (CAD)
  • International student non-transferable tuition deposit: $1000 (CAD)
  • Students who cancel their enrolment at least 30 days before the start date of their program are eligible for a 50% refund. The entire tuition deposit is non-refundable after that date.
Step 7: Review your 'To Do' list

Complete any outstanding items such as Work, practicum, and clinical requirements.

Step 8: Register for classes

Make sure you register in all the classes you want or need to take. This process ensures that you will have a seat in your classes, so it is important.

See Registering in classes for more information.

Step 9: Pay your tuition and fees

Full fees are due and payable by or before the first day of the term. Check your MyQuest account to view your outstanding balance and make your payment.

See Payment for more information.

Full or cancelled courses and programs

What happens if you’ve been accepted, but your program is full?

If we offer you admission to a program, but the program or funding has been filled by the time you pay your deposit, you may be able to change to another delivery or campus if seats are available. There may also be more admission requirements for some deliveries. Email admissions@norquest.cato explore the option to change the delivery or campus.

College cancellation of a course or program

NorQuest College reserves the right to cancel courses or programs for operational reasons. When the college cancels a program or course, we will refund all college fees (including application fees).