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Educational Assistant

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Program delivery notes

Most classes are delivered in person, however students will need access to a computer and internet in order to complete some coursework.

Post-Graduation Work Permit

The in-person delivery of this program meets the eligibility criteria for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program for international students.

The Educational Assistant program prepares students to work in educational and community settings. The program focuses on diversity and inclusion, training students to support children and youth with a variety of learning needs, and helping them to reach their potential.

What to expect from the program

By providing inclusive classroom learning and hands-on practicum experience, the program equips graduates with the knowledge, interpersonal, and practical skills to support students both one-on-one and in small group environments.

The program will train students to be an education assistant through inclusive classroom learning and hands-on practicum experience. Graduates will have the knowledge, interpersonal and practical skills to support students both one-on-one and in small group environments.

Graduate with experience

NorQuest College believes in the importance of on-the-job experience that provides an enriched learning opportunity.

You’ll graduate this program with 200 hours of work experience from a practicum and 45 hours from a practicum seminar.

Career opportunities

Graduates of this program have diverse opportunities to work as an educational assistant with young children through to adults. The education field is considered to be an above average growth profession.

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