Child and Youth Care

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Child and Youth Care

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Post-Graduation Work Permit

The in-person delivery of this program meets the eligibility criteria for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program for international students.

The Child and Youth Care program is designed to prepare students to support children and youth who have experienced social, behavioural, and emotional challenges. Focused on diversity, inclusion, and Indigenous culture, the program teaches students the foundational skills of child and youth care practice, as well as perspectives and strategies for supporting all children and youth in culturally respectful ways.

What to expect from the program

Students will learn the impact of physical and emotional experiences on youth and families and the importance and strength of diversity and difference, and developing professional practice. The program will train students for the child and youth care worker roles through theory-based courses and hands-on practicum experience.

Graduates will have the knowledge and skills to support children and youth in navigating lived experiences, including helping at-risk children and youth with family processes, access and success in education, physical and mental health, and addictions.

Graduate with experience

NorQuest College believes in the importance of on-the-job experience that provides an enriched learning opportunity.

You’ll graduate this program with 600 hours of work experience from three practicums.

Career opportunities

The program will prepare graduates for employment in a number of careers in the non-profit sectors for child and youth care services, and various departments within municipal and provincial governments.

Employment opportunities exist in many settings including:

  • group homes
  • community and recreation centres
  • family support
  • residential programs
  • programs for street-involved youth
  • drop-in centres
  • addiction services
  • schools
  • hospitals
  • young offender programs
  • women’s emergency shelters
  • corrections
  • medical clinics
  • after school programs
  • religious organizations
  • summer camps

The diploma will be the minimum accepted credential with upcoming requirements for those working in the child and youth care field.

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Child and Youth Care
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