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What it costs for May 2023

Tuition costs listed are based on one five-credit course. The total fees include health and dental insurance and legal plan fees, which you may opt out of.

Your tuition and fees may vary depending on the number of credits and courses taken. If you are planning on taking a different course load, try our tuition and fees estimator to get an idea of how much it will cost you.

Tuition estimate+ Fees estimate= Total estimate
One 5-credit course $610 + $760.50 = $1,370.50
Total estimate $610 + $760.50 = $1,370.50

Visit Tuition and fees for more details on the various fees for your program.

Tuition estimate+ Fees estimate= Total estimate
One 5-credit course $1,907.40 + $760.50 = $2,667.90
Total estimate $1,907.40 + $760.50 = $2,667.90

Visit Tuition and fees for more details on the various fees for your program.

Grant funding may be available to qualified students. The Government of Alberta offers financial support called Foundational Learner Assistance.

Courses for May 2023

NorQuest College equivalency courses include:

Additional upgrading courses are also available through Foundations for Learning.

Credits needed for full-time status: 15 credits (fall, winter); 10 credits (spring)

Studying Math?

We recommend you take this short Math self-placement test to help you choose the appropriate math course for you.

Aboriginal Studies, 3 courses
Aboriginal Studies 20 SSN21545 credits
Aboriginal Studies 030 ABST33005 credits
Aboriginal Studies 30 SSN31545 credits
College Preparation, 1 course
English, 11 courses
Strategic Reading ENGL19015 credits
English Writing Essentials ENGL19025 credits
English Reading Essentials ENGL19045 credits
Humanities Prep HUMN19115 credits
Communications 007 ENGL10075 credits
English Language Arts 10-2 ELA11045 credits
English Language Arts 10-1 ELA11055 credits
English Language Arts 20-2 ELA21045 credits
English Language Arts 20-1 ELA21055 credits
English 030-1 ENGL33015 credits
English 030-2 ENGL33025 credits
GED Preparation, 1 course
GED Prep GEDP10003 credits
Information Processing, 2 courses
Computer Fundamentals COMP19005 credits
Introduction to Microsoft Office INFO10015 credits
Math, 10 courses
Essential Math MATH19035 credits
Pre-Algebra MATH19045 credits
High School Prep Math MATH19055 credits
Mathematics 10C MAT17915 credits
Mathematics 20-1 MAT27915 credits
Mathematics 20-2 MAT27925 credits
Mathematics 31 MAT32115 credits
Math 30-2 MAT37925 credits
Math 030-1 MATH33015 credits
Math 030-2 MATH33025 credits
Science, 12 courses
Science 10 SCN12705 credits
Academic Science SCNC18005 credits
Science 030 SCNC33005 credits
Biology 030 BIOL33005 credits
Chemistry 030 CHEM33005 credits
Physics 030 PHYS33005 credits
Biology 20 SCN22315 credits
Chemistry 20 SCN27965 credits
Physics 20 SCN27975 credits
Biology 30 SCN32305 credits
Chemistry 30 SCN37965 credits
Physics 30 SCN37975 credits
Social Studies, 6 courses
Social Studies 10-1 SST17715 credits
Social Studies 10-2 SST17725 credits
Social Studies 20-1 SST27715 credits
Social Studies 20-2 SST27725 credits
Social Studies 030-1 SOST33015 credits
Social Studies 030-2 SOST33025 credits

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