Centre for Growth and Harmony

Welcome to the Centre for Growth and Harmony. We offer holistic student-centred care within an inclusive, respectful, and private environment.

In the Centre you will find a multidisciplinary team of registered psychologists, registered social workers, and nurses. We are dedicated to promoting health and wellness while striving to encourage growth, development, and lifelong learning.

Available supports

The Centre for Growth and Harmony offers in-person and online support through appointments or drop-in services.

If you are in a medical or mental health emergency outside office hours, call:

Learner in distress

Community Pathways of Support and Referral for Learners in Distress

As NorQuesters, each of us can support learners as they strive to do their best both within, and outside, the classroom while balancing several priorities. Learner well-being can be improved through a variety of means. Learners are busy and resilient humans! They manage school, home, family, work, and other responsibilities and commitments. As part of everyday living, working and studying, learners may experience stress – that is normal, and everyone experiences this in their lives! However, when it negatively impacts daily abilities to cope, it can become unhealthy (APA, 2021). In addition, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous & People of Colour) learners may experience increased levels of stress due to pressures of systemic oppression/racism.

Our Community Pathways of Support and Referral for Learners in Distress will assist all NorQuesters with reflecting prior to acting, recognizing, responding to and referring learners in distress as well as personally replenishing. All of us can play a part in understanding distress, and looking for meaningful ways to support learners.

Make a priority, confidential referral here

Download a PDF of the model overview here.

Want to learn more? Expanded information on each section is available here.

Health support

We are here to help you accomplish your academic goals by supporting healthy living and through our commitment to provide professional and private services to students in a safe and competent manner.

Our services include:

  • care for injuries and illness
  • medical information and community referrals
  • individual health monitoring such as blood pressure and glucose testing
  • health and wellness promotion and prevention education
  • smoking cessation program

We are not authorized to dispense medication. Nurses are available by drop-in only.

For general health inquiries or referral information, call 780.644.6155 to speak with a nurse (Monday – Friday 8:15 am - 4:30 pm). For more health information contact:

Mental health support

Our professional mental health services are offered free of charge and in a private setting. We can help you deal with personal concerns that may be affecting your studies or personal well-being.

Visit Mental health for more information.

Mental health/crisis supports at NorQuest

Monday – Friday, 8:30 am-4:30 pm

Visit the Centre for Growth & Harmony (SCFL 1-101) or call 780.644.6155 to connect with the wellness team.

  • Centre for Growth & Harmony

    Counselling, accessing basic needs, navigating community resources, nursing supports

  • NorQuest College Security

    If you are in a crisis and cannot get to the Centre for Growth & Harmony, please contact Security

Community crisis supports

If you are in a crisis and it is outside of Centre for Growth & Harmony hours, please call 9-1-1 or one of the following:

  • National Suicide Crisis Helpline

    9-8-8 (call or text, toll-free, 24/7)

  • Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Edmonton Distress Line

    780.482.4357 (24/7)

  • Community Urgent Services and Stabilization Team


  • Hope for Wellness – mental health and crisis support for all indigenous peoples in Canada (call or online chat)

    1-855-242-3310 (24/7)

  • Brite Line – Edmonton’s 2SLGBTQIA+ Support Line


  • Alberta’s One Line for Sexual Violence

    1.866.403.8000 (call or text 9:00 am-9:00 pm)

Other mental health resources

  • 11 of Us: Mental Health Trainings and Certifications 
    If you are interested in learning about mental health, suicide intervention, trauma informed care, and/or intergenerational wisdom, 11 of Us offers a range of free or discounted trainings and certifications.

  • 211 Edmonton Resource List

    A comprehensive directory of resources and supports including mental health, crisis supports, supports for newcomers to Canada, family violence, and people with addictions.

  • Self-Guided Mental Health Workshops

    Online workshops on a range of topics including stress management, test anxiety, grief and loss, and supporting survivors of sexual violence.

Newcomer support

We value being part of an inclusive, student-centred community. We recognize the diversity of cultures and ethnicities that our students bring to NorQuest College.

Adapting to a new culture and country can be very challenging for many students. It’s normal to feel a range of emotions when you first arrive in Canada. The can include discomfort, helplessness, frustration and uncertainty. It is common for your first few months to be full of change and feelings of stress. As a newcomer, you may face many challenges as you try to improve language skills and further your education.

Having access to adequate supports can aid in student success. We’re here to help you discover supportive resources to ensure you have the tools to succeed in your education.

Basic needs and community support

As a student, there may be challenges in your personal life that can affect your performance in school. A strong social support network can help you persevere through difficult times and is a good investment in your health and wellness.

Community connections are particularly effective in helping students cope with stress, and we can help you develop your own personal resources and supportive networks. Help with system navigation and referrals to government or community support services is also available.

We've gathered a listing of community resources that can assist you in ensuring your basic needs are met so you can concentrate on your education. The Centre for Growth and Harmony also works with the Students' Association of NorQuest College to offer help with basic needs. These resources can support your mental health, self-care, and student experience.

View a listing of additional community resources

Violence Prevention and Support

NorQuest College’s Violence Prevention and Support (VPS) team offers support services to students who have experienced violence. We believe safety is everyone’s right—both on and off campus. Our listen, believe, support model ensures that students feel safe and in control throughout their session.

Our services include:

Learn more about us or submit an online disclosure form.

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Centre for Growth and Harmony

wellness@norquest.ca 780.644.6155
Monday - Friday 8:15 am - 4:30 pm

We offer in-person and online support through appointments or drop-in services.

Note: Services may not be available on site at all campuses.