Travel safe

Travel requirements

There are currently no pandemic-related travel restrictions or border measures in place.

To prepare for Crossing the Border and Complying with Immigration Regulations, please review the webinar conducted on November 17, 2023.
Topics covered in the webinars: 

  • Travel preparation 
  • Crossing the border and immigration documents 
  • Refund and deferral policy
  • Late arrivals
  • Co-op work permit requirement
  • Course enrolment
  • Eligibility for PGWP and study modality
  • Settlement, transportation, accommodation
  • NorQuest International supports and engagement opportunities 

Prior to departure, verify that you carry the following items with you: 

  • Valid passport  
  • Airline ticket (even if you have an electronic one, it’s always good to have it printed to be on the safe side) 
  • Study Permit or Letter of Introduction for your study permit approval 
  • Temporary resident visa (TRV) stamped in passport or Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) if visa exempt
  • Offer of Admission Letter (Acceptance Letter) and/or Enrolment Verification Letter for continuing students. You can access it through your MyQuest Account
  • Co-op work permit supporting letter from NorQuest College (if your program includes a work placement)  
  • Tuition fees payment receipt 
  • Proof of funds available for your stay in Canada
  • A valid Medical Exam performed by an IRCC-authorized panel physician, if you are from the IME-required country or if you are from the IME-exempt country but the work component of your study program will be in Health or Child Care sector
  • A printed copy of your medical insurance provided by Students’ Association of NorQuest College or a medical insurance supporting letter if you are traveling before the Health and Dental Plan is activated
  • Medical insurance confirmation from an external provider for the period that is not covered by our Health and Dental Plan
  • Confirmation of the address and phone number of the location you will be staying at when you arrive, as well as arranged transportation to the place where you will be staying
  • Birth certificate (if available) or any other second ID that you may have, including driver’s license
  • Canadian currency for your first few days in Edmonton 
  • A travel-sized bottle of hand-sanitizer and disinfecting wipes
  • A supply of reusable or disposable non-medical masks or face covering (it’s not required onboard, but strongly recommended)

Place valuables, medication and your documents in carry-on luggage. 

At any time, if you have questions or need assistance, contact