Conditional admission

You may request conditional admission if you are currently registered in courses to meet the admission requirements for your program.

How to request conditional admission

Use Contact Admissions and attach proof that you are enrolled in course(s) that are needed for admission to your program. The proof of enrolment must include the:

  • name of the institution you are currently attending
  • name/number, and start and end dates of the course(s) you are enrolled in

Note: Alberta Education transcripts that we receive by email do not show coursework in progress. If you are requesting conditional admission, attach your Detailed Academic Report as proof of enrolment.

If you are taking the course that is needed for admission to your program at NorQuest College, use Contact Admissions to request conditional admission to your program.

Once we have verified that you are enrolled in the courses needed and have met all other requirements, you will receive a conditional offer of admission and will be able to reserve your seat.

Due dates for meeting your conditions

Your conditional offer of admission will have the requirements you need to meet before the final submission deadlines. Your 'To Do' list in MyQuest will show the outstanding item(s).

The due date for meeting your conditions will vary based on the enrolment dates for the courses you are taking. We will not extend due dates beyond the deadlines below.

TermDeadline for external coursesDeadline for NorQuest courses
SpringApril 1April 21
FallAugust 1August 1
WinterDecember 1December 15

How to clear your conditions

Once you have completed the course(s) you need to meet your program’s admission requirements, you must ensure your official transcripts are sent to NorQuest College:

  • Alberta high school students – visit ApplyAlberta or MyPass to have an updated Alberta Education transcript sent to NorQuest College.
  • If you are taking the needed course(s) at NorQuest College, use Contact Admissions to notify us once your final grade is posted.
  • All other students – make sure your official transcript is sent from the issuing institution.

If you fail to meet all conditions by the deadline, we will revoke your admission.

Provisional admission

If you are missing an academic requirement when your program begins, you may receive a provisional offer of admission.

  • Provisional admission is approved only by a program chair and will be considered only close to the start date of a program if seats are still available. Provisional admission is not normally offered in programs with waitlists of qualified applicants.
  • If you are offered provisional admission, you must meet certain conditions including admission requirements, as outlined by the program chair, by the date specified in the offer of admission (normally within the first term of enrolment).
  • Access to courses, activities, and practicum experiences may be limited until you meet all provisional requirements and full admission is granted.
  • If you are provisionally admitted but fail to complete all conditions by the specified deadline, you may be withdrawn from your program and subject to the financial and academic penalties as outlined in our withdrawal procedure.