How to apply

Once you have found the program you're interested in and checked your eligibility, the process is simple, and we're here to support you every step of the way.

LINC applications

Are you new to Canada and want to learn English? Apply for LINC, or visit the Edmonton campus to apply in person. There are no fees for LINC students.

Continuing education applications

Some courses have online registration. Select the 'Register now' button on the course you wish to take, and follow the next steps.

All other programs and courses

We encourage you to:

  • check your program's availability before you apply, and
  • apply well in advance of your program's start date, as all programs are filled on a first-qualified, first-accepted basis.
Step 1: Submit an application through ApplyAlberta

To join us at NorQuest, visit This website allows you to apply to all schools in Alberta. Follow the instructions to log in to (or create) your basic Account.

You will need an Alberta Student Number (ASN). If you have applied to or attended any school in Alberta in the past, use the 'Lookup ASN' option to find your ASN. If you have never applied to or attended an Alberta school, use the ‘Request ASN’ option to get one.

You will need to choose NorQuest College as your institution, and choose the term and program you are applying for.

Pay your fee using either a credit card or Interac card. Each application costs:

Academic Upgrading, Apprenticeship Prep, Day Home Provider, and ESL Intensive

  • $25 for Canadian citizens, Permanent Residents, and Protected Persons
  • $155 for international students

All other post-secondary programs

  • $100 for Canadian citizens, Permanent Residents, and Protected Persons
  • $155 for international students
Step 2: Log in to MyMail and MyQuest

Within two days of your ApplyAlberta application, we will send you some more information.

  • If this is your first time applying to NorQuest College, we will email you with login information for MyMail and MyQuest. After this email, all future emails from NorQuest College will be sent to your MyMail address.
  • If you have applied to NorQuest College before, we will send an email to your MyMail address.

MyMail is your NorQuest email account. It's how we contact you during the application process and during your time with us as a student. It's important you check this regularly.

MyQuest is where you will find all of your student account information. This includes a list of what to do next in your application. It is also where you pay your fees, register for classes, see your class schedules and grades, and print reports and receipts.

Note: If you are applying to one of these programs, contact a student advisor after you apply:

  • Apprenticeship Prep
  • ESL Intensive
  • Transitions to Employment

Student advisors will help you work out what program or level you should be studying at. They will also talk to you about funding options if needed.

Reach a student advisor by:

Step 3: Send transcripts and meet requirements

Review your 'To Do' list in MyQuest to see the transcripts we need from you. For more information on how to send these, visit Transcripts. Some programs have extra admission requirements and you will see these in your 'To Do' list in MyQuest.

If you are currently enrolled in the courses you need to meet your requirements, you can request Conditional admission. Please refer to the Conditional admission – scanned copies section of our transcripts page for further information on what type of transcript will be considered for conditional admission.

English language proficiency (ELP) requirements

NorQuest College programs also have an ELP requirement. If you have studied more than three years in English, you might only need your transcripts. Check the ELP requirements to see what you need to show us.

Studied outside of Alberta?

If you studied outside Alberta, see Equivalencies for information on how we evaluate your transcripts.

Step 4: Find out if you have been accepted

After we receive your your transcripts and other admission requirements, we offer admission. This is on a first-qualified, first-accepted basis. You can find information about current processing times on our Contact Admissions page.

Once we have reviewed your transcripts, there are a few possible outcomes:

  • If you meet the requirements for your program, you may be offered admission. Then, you need to reserve your seat.
  • If you meet the requirements for your program, but we do not have a seat available for you, we will add you to a waitlist. See Waitlist information for more information.
  • If you do not meet the requirements for your program, we will provide you with other Options for admission.
Step 5: Reserve your seat by paying your deposit

If you receive an offer of admission, your final step is to accept the offer and reserve your seat. Programs can fill quickly, so when you receive an offer of admission, we recommend that you reserve your seat as soon as possible.

To reserve your seat, you must either pay a non-transferrable tuition deposit or provide proof of third-party sponsorship. The tuition deposit you pay goes towards your first term’s tuition.

Note: Academic Upgrading students do not need to pay a tuition deposit.

The deposit:

  • Canadian citizens, Permanent Residents, and Protected Persons: $400 CAD
  • International applicants: $1000 CAD
  • Indigenous students: no deposit is needed. Learn more.

For information about how to pay your tuition deposit, visit Payment.

Once your seat is reserved, you'll receive a confirmation email and information about how to register in your classes – congratulations!

Third-party sponsorship

Sponsorship means someone else is paying your fees. Before you can reserve a seat in the program, that person or company must send confirmation to the Office of the Registrar. See Third-party sponsorship for more information.


If you pay the tuition deposit and then later decide to cancel your enrolment, you may be eligible for a partial refund. See Refunds for more information.

Step 6: International students: apply for your study permit

If you are an international student and the program is longer than six months, there is one more step for you: apply for your study permit.

You must apply to NorQuest College at least two months before the term start date of your program to allow time for the admission process to be completed and to receive a study permit.

You will need to use NorQuest College's Designated Learning Institution (DLI) number on your application: O18795996622.

I've read through the steps and am ready to apply. 

Application dates and deadlines

Term Applications open International application deadline
Fall October 1 of the previous year June 9
Winter February 1 of the previous year October 31
Spring and Summer June 1 of the previous year February 28

Age requirement to apply

Applicants must either:

  • be a mature student, or
  • be at least 18 years of age (within the first term of their program), or
  • provide the Office of the Registrar with written parental consent to attend NorQuest College.

No student may attend a work or clinical placement if under 18 years of age.

At NorQuest College, a mature student is any person who no longer qualifies for K-12 education, or who is an independent student, which we define as:

  • 18 years of age or older, or
  • 16 years of age or older and who is:
    • living independently, or
    • a party to an agreement under section 57.2 of the Child, Youth, and Family Enhancement Act.

Specific admissions scenarios

The scenarios below only apply to specific student situations.

Students with disabilities

If you have a disability, it is important that you identify that support is needed when you apply. You will be referred to a student support specialist for assessment to ensure that resources are available and that extra funding sources have been requested. You will be served on a first-come, first-served basis, depending on available resources. Your registration may be deferred until appropriate resources are in place. The student support specialist will notify the Office of the Registrar when resources and supports are in place.

Students with disabilities who do not declare their disability at least three months before the start of classes may not be able to access their choice of accommodations. They will, however, be provided an alternative that will meet their needs and that can be provided by NorQuest College in a timely fashion.

See Accessibility services for a list of services available.

Re-applying to NorQuest

If you are a former NorQuest College student who withdrew or became inactive in your program, you may apply to resume your studies.

  • You must submit a new application for admission and meet all current program admission requirements.
  • Before reapplying, you must meet any conditions for readmission that were placed on your record when you withdrew (if applicable).
  • You must pay any outstanding financial balances before your application will be considered. Application fees received from applicants with an outstanding balance will be automatically applied to the outstanding balance.
  • To complete your program, you will need to meet the graduation requirements that are in place for the term for which you reapply.

If you have questions about reapplying, reach out to us through Contact Admissions.

Visiting students

NorQuest students visiting other institutions

  • A NorQuest College student wanting to take a course at another post-secondary institution must have written confirmation from the appropriate program chair that the course and credits will be accepted in the student's NorQuest program before registering at the other institution.
  • Upon receipt of the program chair's written confirmation, the Office of the Registrar will provide a permission letter for the student to submit to the host institution specifying the course(s) the student can take.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring that NorQuest College receives the official transcript from the host institution once their course(s) are complete.

Students from another institution visiting NorQuest

  • NorQuest College provides opportunities to students who want to take courses while maintaining their student status at their home institution. The credits earned at NorQuest College can be transferred back to the home institution, if approval is received.
  • Prior arrangements must be made by the visiting student. A letter of permission from the student's home institution, specifying student contact information and the course or courses the student can take, should be forwarded to NorQuest's Office of the Registrar. If approval is received and a seat is available in the course, the student will be notified with next steps before enrolment.
  • Visiting students will be subject to all rules and regulations applicable to the students of NorQuest College.
  • Visiting students are assessed and pay full tuition and fees to NorQuest College for any courses taken.
Refusal of admission

NorQuest College reserves the right to grant or refuse admission to any individual. Former applicants or students who have lost good standing may be denied re-entry, or may have conditions placed on readmission. Applicants have the right to appeal admission decisions. See Student appeals for more information.

Cancellation of a program intake

NorQuest College reserves the right to cancel courses or programs for operational reasons. When the college cancels a course or program, all college fees (including application fees) will be refunded.