Tuition and Fees

The current year’s total tuition and fees for each program and course are available on each individual program and course page in our Programs & Courses section.

Tuition fees are established and reviewed on an annual basis through the college’s approval process in accordance with the provincial tuition fee legislation. All other fees are developed and approved through the college’s fee approval process and are reviewed on an annual basis.

To view a detailed breakdown of the tuition and fees by program or course, download documents below. Tuition and fees for the current academic year are effective as of the fall term.

The following fee categories are assessed to your student account once you are registered in classes. Depending on the campus of attendance, or delivery method of classes, some fees may not apply. Please see your individual program or course for more information, download the schedules above, or check your MyQuest accounts for details.

Tuition Deposit

Tuition payers, applicants funded through student loans, and applicants without a confirmed funding agency sponsorship are required to pay a non-refundable tuition deposit to hold a seat in a program once admission is offered. The tuition deposit is applied to the first term’s tuition.

  • Domestic (Canadian/Permanent resident) student tuition deposit: $200 (CDN)
  • International student tuition deposit: $500 (CDN)

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees, which are fees for instruction, are assessed on a per credit basis for all college programs and are applied based on the program to which the student has been admitted. Refer to the documents below for the tuition and fees schedule for domestic and international students.

Students' Association Fee

The NorQuest Students' Association establishes the rate for Students' Association fees that are assessed upon registration. These fees are mandatory, and due and payable under the same terms and conditions as other college fees.

  • $59.00 Students' Association fee - payable each term by full- or part-time students registered in classes located on-campus at the Edmonton downtown campus or the regional campuses (Wetaskiwin, Drayton Valley, and Whitecourt).
  • $38.50 Students' Association fee - payable each term by full- or part-time students registered in online, eCampus, and practicum/work placement classes.
  • Students enrolled in a combination of on-campus and online and/or eCampus classes will be assessed the on-campus rate of $59.00.

Exceptions and exclusions for payment of the Students' Association fee:

  • Students taking non-credit classes do not pay the Students’ Association fee, nor are they able to access the services provided by the NorQuest Students' Association.
  • Students enrolled in NorQuest College credit classes that are purchased through an external contract are not subject to the Students' Association fee, nor are they able to access the services provided by the NorQuest Students' Association.
  • Students auditing classes do not pay the Students’ Association fee, nor are they able to access the service provided by the NorQuest Students’ Association.
  • Students or sponsors who wish to opt in to the benefits provided by the Students' Association may do so by paying the standard SA fee, outlined above, directly to the NorQuest Students' Association.

Registrarial Fee

A registrarial fee of $25 is charged each term to all full-time and part-time registered students.

This fee covers the following services:

  • Credential (certificate or diploma) replacement
  • Official transcript reprinting
  • Enrolment confirmation letters
  • Issuance of a student ID card
  • Completion of forms for enrolment verification
  • Applying to graduate

These lifetime services will be provided to each current and former NorQuest student, upon request, by the Office of the Registrar.

Program and Supplies Fee (Per Course)

The program and supplies fee covers the cost for materials and supplies that are essential to the completion of a program or course of study and are supplied by the college to the student. Fee amounts vary by course. Please refer to 2016-17 Course Fees (809K pdf), which lists each program and supplies fee by course.

Textbook Rental Fees

Textbooks are loaned to students in academic upgrading programs and employment preparation programs during a term, and a mandatory book rental fee is assessed to a student's account upon registration. Registered students can pick up their books from the bookstore with a valid NorQuest student ID. Once the term is over, students are responsible for returning their books. If books are not returned, the cost of the books will be charged to the student's account. Please refer to 2016-17 Course Fees (809K pdf), which lists the textbook rental fee by applicable course.

In some programs, students are required to purchase books and supplies. These are available from the college bookstore.

Student Health and Dental Plan Fees

All students who are eligible are automatically enrolled in the mandatory student health and dental plans offered by the Students' Association of NorQuest College.

Eligible students include:

  • full-time, band-sponsored, or self-funded students (including those receiving student loans)
  • Students taking programs at NorQuest College's Edmonton downtown and regional campuses (Drayton Valley, Wetaskiwin, and Whitecourt)
  • Students who have paid Students' Association fees and
  • Students who are registered in an eligible program

Opting Out

Each plan has an annual premium; therefore, opting out of either the health or dental plan must be done prior to the specified deadline and must be accompanied by proof of existing insurance. Students who have paid for the health and dental plan and wish to add on family members may do so by paying the applicable fees directly to the Students' Association.

The deadline to opt out of the health and dental plans is on the last day for payment of term fees. See the Academic Schedule for dates.

Students who had previously opted out of the health and dental plans but wish to re-enrol in the plan may do so on the anniversary of their opt-out or within 30 days of losing their existing insurance coverage.

Period of Coverage

Coverage Cost* Cost per plan (Health plan and Dental plan) Coverage start and end
Full-year health and dental $346 $173 Start date of fall term to August 31
8-month health and dental** $232 $116 Start date of winter term to August 31

* Plan fees are payable along with all other tuition and fees at the start of term.
** Available to students starting full-time studies in the winter term.

Students Not Eligible for the Health and Dental Plans

  • Part-time students, grant-funded students, auditing students, and students with an Advancing Futures bursary are not eligible to participate in the health and dental plans.
  • The health and dental plans are not offered to students who begin studies in the spring term; however, students will be automatically enrolled in the plan for the fall term if they have paid Students' Association fees and are enrolled in an eligible program. 

Further Information on Student Health and Dental Plans

More information regarding your student health and dental plans can be found at Gallivan & Associates Student Networks Student Plan website or by visiting the Student Benefits Plan office, located in the NorQuest Students' Association office, Room A121, Main Building, Downtown Campus.

U-Pass Fees

The U-Pass (or Universal Transit Pass) provides unlimited usage of regular service (excluding special event, contracted, and charter service) from Edmonton Transit System, St. Albert Transit, and Strathcona County Transit during the fall term (Sept 1 to Dec 31) and winter term (Jan 1 to Apr 30) to full-time students of NorQuest College who have been assessed the Students’ Association fee and are taking classes within the Edmonton city limits. All eligible students are automatically enrolled in the mandatory U-Pass program offered by NorQuest College's Students’ Association.

The cost of the mandatory U-Pass to each eligible student is $170 per term for each of the fall and winter terms in the 2016/2017 academic year ($340 per academic year).

Students who have a valid CNIB registration, DATS, SCAT, or Handibus registration, work for one of the transit services, or have a practicum or class outside of the service area for longer than eight (8) consecutive weeks may be eligible to opt out of U-Pass. Please contact the Students’ Association for more information.

Students who register after the drop date (last day for payment of term fees - 10% of the term) will not be eligible for the U-Pass. See the Academic Schedule for the exact dates.

More information regarding the U-Pass program can be found at or by vis­iting the Students’ Association office, Room A121, Main Building, Downtown Campus.

NOTE: The fall term may begin before September 1 in some academic years. In such instances, students are responsible for their transportation costs for any class days prior to September 1.

Other Fees

Auditing Fees

Fees for auditing a course are 50% of the tuition fee, and the full cost for the program and supplies fee and book rental fee (if applicable). Auditing students do not pay a Students' Association fee or registrarial fee and are ineligible for the health and dental plans and the U-Pass service.

Challenge Exam Fee

The challenge exam fee is 50% of the tuition fee of the course, plus a $25 administration fee.

Course Extensions

Students enrolled in a Open Entry/Open Exit online course may be granted a course extension.

  • Each extension is $75 and four weeks (28 calendar days) in length. 
  • Payment is due at the time of the request.
  • The extension period begins the day after the original end date of the course.
  • Students are allowed a maximum of five course extensions for the duration of their program.
  • Students are allowed a maximum of three extensions per course.
  • Course extensions are non-refundable and non-transferable. 
  • Students on financial hold are not eligible for a course extension until all outstanding fees are paid.

Course extensions must be requested from the Office of the Registrar a minimum of five business days before the course contract end date. Students are responsible for ensuring that a course extension does not exceed their allotted completion time period for their program.

Incidental Fees

Costs for replacement or duplicates of items that are issued to you as a student of NorQuest College are listed below.

Item Replacement/ Duplicate Costs
ID card replacement $15 + GST
Document evaluation fee (for domestic applicants with international document assessment) $55
Replacement of non-credit documents $25 + GST
T2202A duplicate or replacement (prior to 2009) $15 + GST
Legal requests $75 + GST
NSF cheques $35
Clinical Practice ID card replacement $15 + GST
Change of login for MyQuest/MyMail
(subject to review of circumstances)
$100 + GST
Locker rental fee $10 + GST per semester

Late Penalty Fee

A late fee of $100 is applied to a student account if payment is not received according to the college's tuition and fee payment schedule.

Tax Receipts

T2202A tax receipts for the preceding calendar year are available online annually through your MyQuest account by the third week of February.

  • Tuition and application fees are eligible; however, tuition fees of less than $100 are ineligible.
  • Students in upgrading and foundational programs are not eligible for a T2202A tax receipt.

The tax receipt lists the amount of tuition paid that can be claimed as an income tax deduction and months of full-time and part-time attendance. Amounts and months are pro-rated for programs or courses that start and end in different taxation years. Note that the taxation year is January 1 to December 31.

See T2202A Tax Receipt Info for details. You will find a list of frequently asked questions and answers about this topic.

Tuition and Fees for Sponsored Students

If your tuition and fees are being paid by a spon­sor other than Alberta Human Services, your sponsoring agency must send a letter of confirmation directly to the Office of the Registrar. A college document, the Sponsorship Agreement Confirmation form, must be returned to the Office of the Registrar by the sponsoring agency before a seat can be reserved in the program and a student registered in courses.

Refunds for sponsored students will be made directly to the sponsoring agency.

If the Office of the Registrar does not receive con­firmation by the first day of classes, you remain responsible for the pay­ment of tuition and related fees. Any fees that are not covered by a sponsor also remain a student’s responsibility.

If you have paid all your fees and the college then receives payment from the sponsoring agency, you will receive a full refund.

Application Fees from Sponsors

We recommend that students pay their application fee first, and then approach their sponsor for reimbursement.

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