NorQuest College lists academic admission requirements for most programs in terms of either Alberta Education or NorQuest College courses. If you have previous education from other institutions, either in Alberta or outside Alberta, the Office of the Registrar can evaluate your previous coursework to see if it is equivalent to what your program requires.

Can you evaluate my documents before I apply?

We are only able to evaluate your documents after you have applied.

What do I need to provide to have my external coursework evaluated?

In most cases, simply providing your official transcripts is adequate. If we require more information after receiving your transcripts, we may ask you to submit a course outline (or syllabus) for a particular course we need to evaluate.

I was homeschooled. Can my coursework be evaluated?

Yes. After you apply, you will need to send in your transcripts and detailed course outlines for required subjects so that we can evaluate your coursework.

I went to high school in Canada, but not in Alberta. Where can I find information about equivalencies?

I went to high school outside of Canada. Where can I find information about equivalencies?

See the International High School Credentials Chart for information about high school credentials that we recognize. While we are not able to provide precise details for every country, you can find general information about accepted equivalencies from certain countries below.

I have already studied at the post-secondary level. Can my post-secondary coursework be reviewed for equivalencies?

Yes. Even if your post-secondary coursework is not directly equivalent, we may be able to accept it if it is deemed to be at a higher level than what your NorQuest program requires. After you apply, you should submit all of your high school and post-secondary transcripts for evaluation.

My NorQuest program requires a certain percentage grade in a subject for admission. How do you determine whether my external coursework grade meets the requirement?

We compare grading scale information from your previous education with your program’s requirements.

I took Language Arts courses in a language other than English – are my courses equivalent?

Possibly. NorQuest College usually considers Language Arts or Literature courses at an appropriate grade level to be acceptable instead of -2 stream (non-academic) language arts courses in Alberta. For example, a Grade 12 Language Arts course in French could be accepted for meeting an English language arts 30-2 requirement for most programs.

Communications courses and courses designed for second-language learners are not acceptable for meeting language arts admission requirements.

If I apply and submit my transcripts, and then my previous coursework is not deemed equivalent to what my NorQuest program requires, what are my options?

Your options may include writing an academic assessment to show that you meet requirements, taking a course through our Academic Upgrading program, and/or selecting an alternate program for which you do meet the requirements. See Options for more information.