Admissions Process

You’ve made the decision – you’re bound for NorQuest College. This process will take you from your decision to your first day of class.

Note: There are two additional steps for students applying to foundational programs (Academic Upgrading, Apprenticeship Prep, Day Home Provider, ESL Intensive, and Transitions to Employment). See Admission Process for Foundational and Preparatory Programming below.

To become a student at NorQuest College, you are required to apply through the admission process outlined below and be admitted to your program of choice. Open Studies is available to those applicants who wish to take post-secondary level credit courses without applying to a specific certificate or diploma program.


Apply, pay the application fee, and submit the admission requirements

  1. Visit Applying to NorQuest for information about how to apply to NorQuest College through ApplyAlberta. When you apply, you will pay the non-refundable, non-transferable application fee.
    • For Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and Protected Persons: $95
    • For international applicants (both in Canada and outside Canada): $150 (CAD)
    • Application fees are required for each program or intake to which you are applying.
    • Open Studies applicants pay a one-time application fee.
  2. Submit your admission requirements.
    • When you apply through ApplyAlberta, your Alberta high school and Alberta post-secondary transcripts from participating institutions will be sent directly to NorQuest College. It is your responsibility to ensure your transcripts are received.
    • If you completed any of your education outside of Alberta, you will need to arrange for your transcripts to be sent to NorQuest College directly from the issuing institution. See Transcripts for more information. It is your responsibility to ensure we receive the necessary documents.
    • Notify if you have previously completed NorQuest College courses that meet your admission requirements.
    • If you were educated in a province other than Alberta, consult the Provincial/Territorial Grade 12 Equivalency Chart to see whether your academic coursework may be equivalent to what is required in Alberta.
    • If your first language is not English, you must provide proof of English language proficiency (ELP). See ELP for more information.
    • If you are an internationally educated student, transcripts and/or certificates must be submitted to NorQuest College. See International Transcripts for more information.
    • If you are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, and you submit international transcripts/documents for assessment for admission to NorQuest College programs, a $55 document assessment fee is charged to you at the time of submission. This additional fee must be paid before any assessment of your documents will be conducted. If you submit an international credential course-by-course analysis evaluation, it may exempt you from paying this additional fee if the evaluation is deemed to provide sufficient information to make decisions about your admission. See International Credential Evaluations for more information.

Complete applications are processed in the order of the date they are received, and applicants are admitted on a first-qualified, first-accepted basis. We recommend you apply well in advance of your desired program start date and submit all supporting transcripts and documentation as quickly as possible. A delay in submitting your admission requirements may affect your acceptance into the program.

Reapplying to NorQuest College

If you are a former student of NorQuest College who withdrew or became inactive in your program, you may apply to resume your studies.

  • You are required to reapply and meet current program admission requirements.
  • You are required to meet any applicable conditions for readmission.
  • You must pay any outstanding financial balance, if applicable, prior to your application being considered.

Open Entry/Open Exit Online Applicants

Open Entry/Open Exit online classes allow students flexibility on their start and end dates. Students will be assigned a start date depending on their registration date and will be given a set number of weeks to complete the class.

If you are applying to a program with an Open Entry/Open Exit online delivery, your application is valid only for the term to which you have applied. Applications for Open Entry/Open Exit programs are accepted for future terms after the prior term start date has passed.

Many Open Entry/Open Exit classes have monthly start and end dates. Students can start a class on the first of any month within the advertised start and end dates. Registration and full payment for these classes must be received by or before the fifteenth of the previous month. The course start date is the first day of any month, except during a term start month – September, January, May – when the term start date will apply.

If you are unable to meet all program requirements by the deadline, you will have to reapply, and pay a new application and application fee.

We acknowledge your application

The first time you apply to NorQuest College, you will receive a welcome email from the Office of the Registrar, which includes your login information for:

  • MyQuest – NorQuest College provides applicants with a secure login to our online student centre where you can see real-time information on your admission status and update your personal information.
  • MyMail – NorQuest College uses your college email account as our primary means of communicating with you as an applicant and a registered student.

You will receive an acknowledgement email from the Office of the Registrar to notify you of your status and requirements.

  • Carefully read all communications from the Office of the Registrar. There will be important information and deadlines requiring your attention.
  • Complete and submit the items required to fulfill any admission requirements. Do this as soon as possible.
  • Ensure that we have your current address and telephone number.

The Office of the Registrar will assess your transcript(s) to determine whether you meet the admission requirements for your chosen program. If the information provided on transcripts does not allow the Office of the Registrar to determine admission eligibility, you may be asked to provide further information or write an academic assessment. It is your responsibility to prove that admission requirements have been met.

Some programs may require additional assessment testing even if you meet the academic admission criteria. Detailed requirements are provided under Program Requirements for each program.

Note: Complete applications are processed on a first-qualified, first-accepted basis. If you apply to a program and do not submit all of your admission requirements by the program start date, you must reapply and pay the application fee to be considered for the next intake.

We make a decision on your application

To find out the status of your application, visit MyQuest and check your application status. Once you have submitted all admission requirements, the Office of the Registrar will evaluate your application.

  • If you are accepted into a program, you will receive an email to your MyMail account offering you admission and requesting your tuition deposit.
  • If you do not meet the admission requirements for your program, you will be notified of the reason and we will offer assistance with other options or choosing another program, if applicable.

Conditional Admission

You may be offered conditional admission if you are:

  • currently registered in courses to meet the academic admission requirements for your program, or
  • an international student admitted to the ESL program to take NorQuest College courses that will meet English language proficiency requirements for a post-secondary program.

See Conditional Admission for more details.

Provisional Admission

If you do not meet a certain academic requirement, provisional admission may be offered.

  • Provisional admission is approved only by a Program Chair and will be considered only close to the start date of a program if seats are still available. Provisional admission is not normally offered in programs with waiting lists of qualified applicants.
  • If you are offered provisional admission, you must satisfy certain conditions including admission requirements, as outlined by the Program Chair, by the date specified in the offer of admission (normally within the first term of enrolment).
  • Access to courses, activities, and practicum experiences may be limited until you meet all provisional requirements and full admission is granted.
  • If you are provisionally admitted but fail to complete all conditions by the specified deadline, you may be withdrawn from your program and subject to the financial and academic penalties as outlined in our withdrawal procedure.

Visit Accepted Students for more information on your next steps.

You accept our admission offer and pay your tuition deposit

A non-transferable tuition deposit or confirmation of sponsorship is required for you to confirm your acceptance and reserve a seat in your program. The tuition deposit is applied to your first term's tuition. Your tuition deposit may not be transferred to a different program or term.

Your seat is not reserved until your tuition deposit has been received. You may pay your tuition deposit through your MyQuest account.

  • Canadian citizen/permanent resident tuition deposit: $400 (CAD)
  • International applicant (both in Canada and outside Canada) tuition deposit: $1000 (CAD)
  • If you cancel your enrolment at least 30 days prior to the start date of your program, you are eligible for a 50% refund on your tuition deposit. After the date, the entire tuition deposit is non-refundable.

Full Programs

If you are offered admission to a program, but the program has filled before you pay your tuition deposit, you will be placed on a waitlist. You may have the option of changing to another delivery method, campus, or program in the same term. Email to discuss your options if you are waitlisted.

Refusal of Admission

NorQuest College reserves the right to grant or refuse admission to any individual. Former applicants or students who have lost good standing may be denied re-entry, or may have conditions placed on readmission. Applicants have the right to appeal admission decisions. See Student Appeals for more information.

College Cancellation of a Course or Program

NorQuest College reserves the right to cancel courses or programs for operational reasons. When the college cancels a course or program, all college fees (including application fees) will be refunded.

Admission Process for Foundational and Preparatory Programming:

The admissions process for the following programs has additional steps:

  • Academic Upgrading
  • Apprenticeship Prep
  • Day Home Provider
  • ESL Intensive
  • Transitions to Employment

Applicants to these programs should:

  1. apply, pay the application fee, and submit the admission requirements as outlined. You will receive an application acknowledgment email.
  2. contact a student navigator. Student navigators will assess your eligibility for admission based on current documents or arrange for you to take a placement assessment so that you can be placed in the appropriate program or level.

    Your navigator will also discuss funding options with you, if required. Funding may include Alberta Works grant funding, band funding, or other third-party funding or sponsorship options. For Alberta Works grant funding, the student navigator will complete a funding eligibility assessment.

    Student navigators can be contacted at:

    Tel: 780.644.6130
    Email:, or
    In person: 10215 108 Street NW, Edmonton (Downtown Campus) or at any of our regional campus locations. See Campuses & Maps for information on locations.

  3. accept our admission offer and pay your tuition deposit once we make a decision on your application. If we receive confirmation that you are sponsored or receiving funding, you will not be required to pay a tuition deposit.
  • International applicants for preparatory programs who reside outside of Canada will be admitted upon receipt of their application. They will have to meet with a student navigator for placement in the appropriate program or level prior to the program start, once they arrive in Edmonton.
  • If you have applied to a preparatory program, and learn that you have already completed the requirements for a post-secondary program you are interested in, you will be given the opportunity to add the program to your application without an additional application fee if:
    • the post-secondary program is available in the same admit term as your current application, and
    • there is still room in the post-secondary program at the time of request.

    Contact your student navigator for more information.