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Pharmacy Technician

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Pharmacy Technician

Our nationally accredited Pharmacy Technician program thoroughly prepares graduates for this fast-paced and highly respected occupation. As a regulated pharmacy technician, you will be involved with dispensing prescriptions, preparing compounded medications and sterile products, repackaging pharmaceuticals, managing inventory, teaching patients to use medical devices, and providing patient care.

Rachel Melnychuk  - Pharmacy Technician

As a mature student, I was apprehensive about returning to school. I chose the pharmacy technician program because as a mom of four kids and running a busy household, I wanted a program I could complete within a couple of years. 

What to expect from the program

Students are more likely to be successful in this program if they:

  • are detail-oriented
  • have strong arithmetic skills
  • can multi-task and problem-solve effectively
  • have access to a computer with strong computer and typing skills
  • have good written and verbal communication skills
  • have good vision and manual dexterity and can stand and sit for extended periods of time

NorQuest’s pharmacy technician lab provides students with practical, hands-on training in compounding, sterile product preparation, repackaging, inventory management, and dispensing. In the lab, students have the opportunity to use technologies currently employed by those working in the profession, including laminar airflow hoods and Kroll® computer software.

Our state-of-the-art simulation lab prepares students to work collaboratively with other health-care professionals as part of an interdisciplinary team.

Visit the Alberta College of Pharmacy website for more information on becoming a registered pharmacy technician in the province of Alberta.

There are two main ways to complete the program:

In person

2 years

Attend face-to-face classes at our Edmonton campus with instructors and classmates. Due to the more demanding course load, this in-person option is best suited for students who can commit to full-time studies each term. All courses must be taken in the preplanned order. Attendance to all lab components is mandatory.

Evenings and weekends

3 years

Complete most classes in person at our Edmonton campus with instructors and classmates 2-3 evenings per week, and 1-3 weekends per term. Complete some classes or class components online. Attendance to all lab components is mandatory.

Graduate with experience

NorQuest College believes in the importance of on-the-job experience that provides an enriched learning opportunity.

You’ll graduate this program with 360 hours of work experience from two practicums.

Your practicums may be in your community or close by. Your schedule may include day, evening, or night shifts any day of the week, including weekends and holidays. You will work full-time during the practicum and provide your own transportation to the facility.

What to expect as a pharmacy technician

Applicants should assess their ability to fulfill the demands of the occupation of pharmacy technician.

As a pharmacy technician, you must be able to:

  • work day, evening, and weekend shifts
  • stand and sit for extended periods of time
  • use your knees, back, and arms to move objects that weigh up to 10 kilograms
  • have good manual dexterity and vision, which are essential for some tasks
  • physically and emotionally manage workplace demands
  • function effectively in stressful situations
  • multi-task and problem-solve
  • perform all skills independently
  • work collaboratively with other health-care professionals
  • communicate effectively in written and verbal form with patients, colleagues, and other health care professionals

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