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Interdisciplinary Therapy Assistant

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Interdisciplinary Therapy Assistant

The Interdisciplinary Therapy Assistant diploma program prepares students to work in today's interdisciplinary health-care systems. This program will provide students with a strong occupational and physical therapy assistant background, and incorporate essential assistant-level skills in speech language therapy and therapeutic recreation. Equipped with skills in these four rehabilitation disciplines, students will be prepared to meet industry demand and work in various general therapy, rehabilitation, as well as discipline-specific positions.

Shannon Whitlow - Interdisciplinary Therapy Assistant

NorQuest was a great experience and I’m very proud of what I was able to accomplish. And I’m looking forward to accomplishing more in the future!

What to expect from the program

If you enjoy helping people and want a career assisting patients to overcome injuries or impairments, this diploma program could be for you.

The program delivers theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills using a balance of discipline-specific and interdisciplinary courses.

Program graduates will be prepared to:

  • communicate and collaborate as a valuable member of a client-centred interdisciplinary health-care team
  • assist with effective physical therapy and occupational therapy practice by providing safe and competent care across client populations
  • support other rehabilitation disciplines, including therapeutic recreation and speech-language pathology
  • demonstrate effective professionalism, leadership, and reflective practice skills

Graduate with experience

NorQuest College believes in the importance of on-the-job experience that provides an enriched learning opportunity.

You’ll graduate this program after completing five practicums with a minimum of 150 hours in each discipline.

Your practicum may be in your community or close by. Your schedule may include day, evening, or weekend shifts. You will work full-time during the practicum and provide your own transportation to the facility.

Career opportunities

Graduating interdisciplinary therapy assistants will have the ability to work within both the public and private health-care systems as multi-skilled professionals. The key role of therapy assistants is to provide direct and indirect client care which focuses on recovering function through rehabilitation under the supervision of a therapist.

The therapy assistant also plays a key role in collaborating and communicating with all stakeholders to optimize services, and in continually maintaining and enhancing their level of competency. Settings can include private clinics, hospitals, continuing care centres, rehabilitation centres, clinics, and home care.

Employers advertise for therapy assistants frequently using the following terms:

  • therapy assistants
  • rehabilitation assistants
  • physical therapy assistants
  • occupational therapy assistants
  • health care assistants
  • therapy aides

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What to expect as a therapy assistant

Applicants should assess their ability to fulfill the demands of the therapy assistant occupation.

As a therapy assistant, you must be able to:

  • work shifts and weekends
  • be on your feet for extended periods of time
  • use your knees, back, and arms to assist clients
  • lift 30 pounds
  • touch and provide care for clients of all ages, cultures, and genders
  • manage time and resources in a busy work setting
  • communicate and collaborate effectively in a team
  • enjoy working with people

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Interdisciplinary Therapy Assistant
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