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Health Care Aide Workplace

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Health Care Aide Workplace

Information for employers

We are currently partnered with 74 continuing care and acute care employers across Alberta and are always open to new partnerships.

Healthcare employers and agencies have the unique opportunity to partner with NorQuest College and help alleviate the health care aide shortage the province is currently experiencing. As an employer partner, you will have the ability to:

  • Provide an employment site with complexity of client care where students can complete their clinical hours (i.e DSL3, DSL4/4D and/or acute care)

  • Provide tutors who can collaborate with students for registration, mentor and support students, and supervise students during exams or designate a proctor to evaluate lab and clinical skills in the student’s workplace

  • Collaborate with NorQuest College to facilitate each student’s progress through the HCA Workplace program

  • NorQuest instructional support is available to students and tutors

*Note: Employers must provide sufficient equipment for evaluation of all skills in the program.

Information for tutors

As a tutor, you will help students learn and grow through mentorship and support. You’ll play a pivotal role in their career development and help your student colleague gain their HCA certification.


  • Must be employees of an affiliated healthcare employer(s) and currently a licensed nurse—RN, LPN, or RPN

  • Attend an orientation that prepares you to follow the NorQuest College guidelines when facilitating the students through the program

  • Sign a declaration on the student’s application to confirm that NorQuest policies and procedures will be followed for each student in the program

  • Provide minimum 320 hours of indirect or direct supervision of students over the duration of the program, and 11 to 18 hours of exam proctoring, which may be delegated to another staff member


  • Collaborate with students for registration and any assistance required during the admission process

  • Supervise students during exams or designate a proctor who oversees exams with students. The program has a total of 6 online exams

  • Evaluate students by observing performance of lab and clinical skills and ensure proper use of equipment and techniques

  • Where possible, skills should be performed on a client. Simulations may also be used for any skills that are not available to be performed during client care

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