ESL Intensive

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Program delivery notes

Students taking in-person courses will need access to a laptop and wi-fi connection as some class meetings are held online.

Is English a second or additional language for you? Would full-time or part-time English as a second language studies help you to achieve your personal, academic, or professional goals?

Improve your English language listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills to prepare for further education or employment. 

Manna Liu - ESL Intensive

When I got to NorQuest, my English was zero. But after I get into NorQuest, through the study process, I feel confident and my eyes are open to seeing how the world is.

What to expect from the program

In ESL Intensive, you will learn to:

  • communicate with confidence in a variety of situations
  • improve your pronunciation, speaking fluency, and grammar
  • expand your vocabulary and use of idiomatic language
  • develop reading strategies and effective writing skills
  • build on your digital literacy skills through integrated computer instruction

Code of ethics and quality standards

ESL Intensive students will follow NorQuest College policies and appeal processes. Students may also seek further resolution through the Languages Canada Association.

ESL Intensive courses include:

  • General Listening/Speaking and Reading/Writing courses, as well as integrated language courses that focus on all four language skills.
  • English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses that are specifically designed to help you achieve your future academic goals. Some EAP courses may be used for meeting academic admission requirements at Alberta post-secondary institutions and English language proficiency requirements for NorQuest College post-secondary programs.
  • English for Specific Purposes (ESP) courses that will help you improve your English language speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. ESP courses will help prepare you for further education or employment in specific health and business careers by teaching you career-specific vocabulary and language used in those professions.

Career opportunities

English skills are needed for success and promotion in any job or career in Canada. NorQuest’s ESL Intensive program helps you become qualified for more and better jobs. Career-specific English classes assist you to get the language you need for studies and work in health and business.

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ESL Intensive
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