Early Learning and Child Care – diploma

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Early Learning and Child Care – diploma

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Program delivery notes

* For students who have completed the certificate and are applying directly to Year 2.

Post-Graduation Work Permit

The in-person delivery of this program meets the eligibility criteria for the Post-Graduation Work Permit Program for international students.

Recognized by Colleges and Institutes Canada as a program of excellence, the Early Learning and Child Care diploma program combines theory with practice to prepare graduates for Early Childhood Educator III certifications from Alberta Human Services. If you are currently employed in this field, the Government of Alberta is offering funding for professional development and wage top ups for additional post-secondary training.

Graduates of NorQuest's Early Learning and Child Care – certificate program or other Early Learning and Child Care certificate programs should apply to the Year 2 delivery of this program.

What to expect from the program

Early learning and child care professionals play an important role in supporting families and promoting healthy growth. Research shows the early years are critical in shaping a child's overall development. The importance of play in how children understand the world around them is embedded throughout this program, and it aligns well with current Canadian curriculum frameworks in early learning and care.

Graduate with experience

NorQuest College believes in the importance of on-the-job experience that provides an enriched learning opportunity.

You’ll graduate this program with 800 hours of work experience from four practicums.

Career opportunities

Graduates of this program have diverse opportunities to provide child-care services. The child-care field is considered to be an above-average growth profession with increasing annual demand for employees.

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Early Learning and Child Care – diploma
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Early Learning and Child Care – diploma

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February 21, 2023
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