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Arts and Sciences Diploma

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Arts and Sciences Diploma

Are you interested in pursuing a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Sciences degree, but you’re struggling to gain entry into university—or you’re overwhelmed by large class sizes? Through NorQuest’s Arts and Sciences program, you can start your post-secondary experience in an inclusive, welcoming environment while gaining transferable credits. 

What to expect from the program

NorQuest provides smaller class sizes with supportive instructors who are committed to your success. The Arts and Sciences diploma includes a wide variety of course offerings. You’ll graduate with a minimum of 60 credits—all of which are transferable to several post-secondary institutions in Alberta.  

Course flexibility

Choose between full-time or part-time studies and enjoy an educational experience that fits your life. Some courses are offered online.

Personalized study plan

Work one-on-one with a student advisor to choose your courses and navigate university transfer requirements, so you can graduate with confidence.

Preparation for university

Gain the knowledge, credits, and critical reading and writing skills necessary for further post-secondary studies. 

Student support services

NorQuest provides a range of student support services, including free tutoring, mental health and wellness services at the Centre for Growth and Harmony, career coaching, and more. 

What you’ll learn

This program currently includes non-specialization—in which you’ll choose from eight courses across Humanities, Social Sciences, and Sciences—or a specialization in New Media, Communications, and Technology. In addition to your course material, you’ll:

  • Develop critical thinking, reading, and writing skills 
  • Analyze various forms of digital information and media to identify and evaluate source types and content
  • Build literacy skills across arts and science disciplines
  • Develop creative, innovative, and responsive approaches to problem-solving
  • Conduct research using a variety of databases, search engines, and other forms of knowledge gathering
  • Apply research methodologies in a variety of contexts

Graduate with experience

NorQuest provides a unique opportunity to gain direct experience. Through these credit courses, you can apply the knowledge you’re learning in the classroom to real-life situations.

Applied Research

  • Work alongside faculty as a Research Assistant or Consultant
  • Spearhead conferences or community and technology-based research projects
  • Co-author research publications

Community Service Learning

NorQuest will match you with community partners in:

  • Non-profits
  • Museums
  • Laboratories
  • Communications and Journalism
  • New media such as podcasting
  • Arts communities including galleries and festivals

Career opportunities

After completing the Arts and Sciences diploma, you can work in a variety of settings or continue your education at a preferred university (such as MacEwan University and the University of Alberta), to complete your Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Sciences degree. Students who’ve successfully completed their diploma or degree can explore careers in:

  • English language and literature
  • Liberal arts and sciences
  • Mathematics and computer science
  • Earth sciences
  • Biology
  • Social sciences, such as psychology and sociology
  • Business

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Arts and Sciences Diploma
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