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Administrative Professional

Professional designation

NorQuest is now a certified Educational Partner with the Association of Administrative Professionals (AAP). Students who have taken the following courses listed below will have completed the required courses needed to earn a Canadian Certified Administrative Professional (CCAP) designation with AAP.

AAP Courses NorQuest College Courses
Compulsory courses: Compulsory courses:
Business English BUSD 1001 Business Communications I
Organizational Behaviour BUSD 1380 Organizational Behaviour
Human Resources Management BUSD 1009 Human Resource Management I
Supervision/Management Studies BUSD 1013 Introduction to Management
Elective courses: Elective courses:
Technology/Computer Skills Student must take one from this group
Computer Technology – advanced courses in Excel, Access, Word etc. BUSN 1168 MS Excel OR BUSD 1166 MS Word and Presentations
Social Media BUSD 2023 Social and Digital Communications
Website Design/Management Not available at this time
Business Operations Student must take one from this group
Business or Commercial Law BUSD 3010 Business Law
Economics BUSD 1002 Microeconomics OR BUSD 1008 Macroeconomics
Financial Accounting BUSD 2030 Finance I OR BUSD 1004 Introduction to Accounting
Marketing BUSD 2008 Marketing Strategy
Psychology Not available at this time
Public relations Not available at this time
Statistics Not available at this time
Project/Event Management Student must take one from this group
Project Management BUSD 2024 Process Improvement
Event Management Not available at this time

Other requirements needed to earn a CCAP certificate

  1. To earn the CCAP designation, candidates must meet the following requirements:
  2. Be an AAP member for at least one year
  3. Enroll in the CCAP program
  4. Provide verification that you possess a minimum of five years’ work experience in an administrative role
  5. Provide verification that you also possess a good balance of the AAP core competencies, which are in the areas of business management, technology, leadership/organizational skills and communication/interpersonal skills.

Frequently asked questions

What if I’m missing one of the courses?

Great question! All seven courses listed above—including the 4 compulsory courses and 3 electives—are required to earn your CCAP certificate.

If you’re interested in taking any of these courses at NorQuest College and need assistance fitting them into your academic schedule, please contact a Student Advisor at

If you have questions about earning you CCAP designation or to confirm if you have the required courses, please contact an AAP representative at

How do I become an AAP member?

To become an AAP member, you can submit an online application.

What are the benefits of becoming an AAP member?

AAP is a nationally recognized organization focused on empowering Administrative Professionals with opportunities to gain more skills, advance their careers, and better prepare for the demands of office settings.

As an AAP member, you’ll gain access to relevant resources, mentors, career opportunities, discounts, services, and information that can help you feel more confident in your administrative role while upskilling in essential areas.

Learn more about member benefits.

What impact will a CCAP designation have on my career?

Earning your CCAP designation shows future and current employers your commitment to your career and that you have the necessary qualifications and knowledge to excel in a professional environment.

As a professionally recognized designation amongst many businesses in Canada, it can help you stand out in job searches and help advance your career.

Learn more about the CCAP certificate.

When can I apply these courses to the CCAP certificate?

NorQuest’s partnership with AAP is already active and in effect. Students can apply the required courses to their CCAP certificate immediately.

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