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Administrative Professional

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Administrative Professional

Administrative professionals play an important role in keeping the day-to-day operations of an office running smoothly and efficiently. During our one-year Administrative Professional program, you will learn skills in basic accounting, project management, productivity applications, business communication, professional development and customer relations.

Travis Mudavadi  - Administrative Professional

We get to practice doing presentations and watch work scenario videos to get a good understanding of what to expect in business. I enjoy what we study, like Business Communication and understanding Microsoft Suite. My favourite course is Business Office Procedures. My courses helped me feel prepared.

What to expect from the program

Now more than ever, technology is incorporated into most offices, making knowledge and familiarity with common applications and processes extremely important in succeeding as an administrative professional.

Our program blends technical fluency with business skills, giving you a well-rounded education and a competitive advantage when job seeking.

In the program, you will learn how to:

  • Use Microsoft and Google productivity applications
  • Organize business events and travel
  • Communicate effectively in business correspondence
  • Navigate teamwork, conflict, problem solving, and business ethics
  • Develop work-related skills in customer relations
  • Process mail, carry out file management procedures, and use databases

Students will be able to understand how to apply effective business writing strategies and techniques for emails, memos, and various business documents for internal and external audiences using plain language principles and proper grammar.

This program also includes many hands-on learning opportunities. You will develop strong collaboration skills including the ability to effectively organize and manage online and hybrid meetings using cloud-based software applications.

Students are introduced to fundamental accounting principles, concepts and techniques.

Graduate with experience

At NorQuest, we recognize the importance of on-the-job training. Not only do work placements allow you to take the knowledge you have learned and apply it to real-world situations, but it is also an important networking opportunity. Many students use the references and experience they gained in their placement or community learning opportunity in their job search.

During your second term, you can choose from a number of different electives, one of which is a field placement opportunity. If you take this field experience elective, you can graduate with 150 hours of work experience.

Another option is the Community Based Learning Experience for our Administrative Professional program. If you choose this elective, you will engage with the community in a meaningful service-learning experience and gain work-relevant skills. This community learning opportunity equates to 25 hours of experience along with 20 hours of instructional time over the term.

Career opportunities

Administrative professionals can find employment in a wide selection of industries. Graduates from our programs have started their careers in the public and private sectors, government, banking, insurance, not-for-profit organizations and the retail, hospitality, oilfield, and construction industries.

Roles can include office coordination, communications, data analysis, and event planning. You can also find employment as a corporate executive assistant, bookkeeper, billing and invoice clerk, and customer service associate.

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What to expect as an administrative professional

Today's administrative professionals are often the voice and face of the organization. They must be dynamic and able to actively lead the crucial day-to-day functions of an organization. They are able to make decisions, multi-task, solve issues, understand technology, communicate effectively, and operate an efficient office, no matter what type of industry.

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Administrative Professional

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