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Academic Upgrading

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Academic Upgrading

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Academic Upgrading enables you to meet the specific academic requirements for certificate, diploma, or degree programs at NorQuest College or another post-secondary college, technical institute, or university.


At NorQuest, you may take either Alberta Education credit courses or NorQuest high school equivalency courses.

  • Alberta Education credit courses appear on both the Alberta Education and NorQuest College transcripts
  • High school equivalency courses appear only on the NorQuest College transcript

Alberta Education credit courses

NorQuest College offers Alberta Education credit courses at the 10-, 20-, and 30-levels that can be used to get your high school diploma. Students taking Alberta Education courses at the 30-level must write the Alberta Education diploma exam to receive a final grade in the course. The final grade is calculated by blending the class mark and the diploma exam mark. It is recorded on the both the Alberta Education and NorQuest College transcripts.

Students' credentials are then transferable to post-secondary institutions across Canada.

NorQuest equivalency courses

NorQuest equivalency courses at the 030-level match the corresponding Alberta Education courses to at least an 80%. However, one key difference about the NorQuest equivalencies is that students do not have to write the Alberta Education diploma exam.

High school equivalency courses are accepted in place of Alberta Education courses for admission purposes by all post-secondary institutions in Alberta.

To ensure this acceptance, all courses are reviewed by the Provincial Academic Upgrading Committee, and approved by the Alberta Council on Admissions and Transfer. A listing of all acceptable equivalency courses is published annually. Visit TransferAlberta to view the current list. This guide is used by both Alberta and Canadian post-secondary institutions to evaluate equivalency courses for admission to their post-secondary programs.

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