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Academic Upgrading

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NorQuest College operates as an accredited high school and offers courses that follow the Alberta Education curriculum. These courses prepare you to continue your studies at NorQuest or other post-secondary institutions in Alberta and across Canada.

You can choose to upgrade only the courses you need for post-secondary entrance or you can earn a high school diploma or general education diploma (GED).

Willy Poveda  - Academic Upgrading

I remember my first day at NorQuest. I was so afraid to talk. Now, I have learned so much and I am not afraid to talk to people. There is no judgement, just respect. You feel like the people there are your friends.

What to expect from the program

Academic Upgrading is course-based. The variety of delivery methods and times provides you with the most flexibility. Choose the delivery method that suits your learning style and availability.

  • In person: You will have four to five 90-minute classes per week in each course in fall/winter terms, and five three-hour classes per week in spring term. You may complete up to 20% of your coursework online.
  • Online real-time: You will have two 90-minute online real-time classes per week. You'll complete the remaining 60% of your coursework online. For more information about this delivery method, watch this video.  (Students in the Wetaskiwin area can get instructional support and use computers at the Wetaskiwin campus to attend their online real-time classes.)
  • Online Anytime:Work on your course when it is convenient for you and have up to 20 weeks to complete it. For more information about this delivery method, watch a video about online anytime courses.  

    *Please note:  We also offer Paced Online Anytime courses, a slight variation of Online Anytime.  Students have clear start and end dates that align with our in-person and online real-time classes, set assignment and exam dates, and 16 weeks to complete a course.  This delivery mode is available to all students, but students who receive funding and wish to enroll in Online Anytime courses, must be enrolled in Paced Online Anytime.  Learn more about paced online anytime by watching this video. 

After applying, you may meet with a student navigator to help your registration with academic advice or placement testing.

  In person Online real-time
(with independent learning)
Online anytime*
Fixed start, end, and exam dates  
Start anytime; study anytime    
Study anywhere (fully online)  
Online testing  
Daily schedule flexibility Low Medium High
Level of instructor direct support
(1-1 real-time support is available on request for all students)
High High Medium
Level of students’ self-guided learning Low Medium High
Real-time classes each week
(in person or online)
4-5 2 0
*Paced Online Anytime Paced Online Anytime (POA) sections have set start and end dates with 16 weeks to complete the course and no time-extensions. Funded students must register for POA sections, however non-funded students are also welcome.

Career opportunities

Academic Upgrading increases your work and educational opportunities. Academic Upgrading courses will help you meet the specific academic entrance requirements for certificate, diploma, and degree programs at post-secondary institutions.

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Academic Upgrading

How to enrol in your Academic Upgrading courses

August 22, 2022
11:00 am - 11:30 am


Are you an Academic Upgrading student and need to register for classes? Join a student navigator to provide you with more information on to how use Visual Schedule Builder.

Academic Upgrading

If you need help completing your Foundational Learning Assistance application, attend an info session with a student navigator.

Academic Upgrading

Academic Upgrading

August 23, 2022
5:00 pm - 5:30 pm


Are you looking to complete individual courses or work towards a high school diploma through upgrading? If so, register for this session and learn everything you need to know about NorQuest’s Academic Upgrading program. 

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