Waitlist information

NorQuest College programs have a limited number of seats available. Seats in programs may also be reserved for selected student populations. If you meet your program’s admission requirements but there is no seat available to you, you will be placed on a waitlist.

I’m on a waitlist. How will I be contacted if a seat becomes available? An email about an available seat will be sent to your MyMail account. If you receive this email, phone the number provided as soon as possible. Available seats may be offered to several applicants; the first person to call and pay the tuition deposit will be given the available seat.
When will I know if I will receive an offer of admission? Emails to waitlisted students about available seats may arrive at any time during the application cycle, up until a week after the program begins.
If I get an offer for a seat, what are my next steps to become a student?

As NorQuest College programs fill on a first-qualified, first-accepted basis, you must be prepared to pay your tuition deposit as soon as an offer is made.

If you accept an offer of admission during the first week of the program, you must be prepared to pay your first term’s tuition and fees immediately.

Can I apply for financial aid if I am on a waitlist? Yes. It is a good idea to apply for student loans or other types of funding so that you will be prepared to pay your tuition and fees if you receive a late offer from the waitlist. If you do not end up getting an offer of admission, your loan application will simply be cancelled. See Funding your education for financial aid information.
What are the chances I will be offered a seat in my program of choice? It is difficult to predict. Seats generally become available when previously admitted students decide not to attend, and so each situation is unique.
Is the waitlist ranked? Yes, your place on the waitlist is determined by the day that you met the admission requirements for your program. However, waitlist offers may be made to selected student populations regardless of the waitlist ranking.
Can I tell where I am on the waitlist? We do not disclose ranking information, as your place on the waitlist is not always an accurate predictor of your chances of being admitted to your program. The number of seats that become available depend on the independent decisions of admitted applicants and on enrolment of selected student populations. Once seats become available, we offer these to numerous applicants who applied on the same day. Seats are reserved for those who pay their tuition deposit first.
If I don’t want to be on a waitlist. What other options are available to me?

If you do not wish to be on a waitlist, you may request to switch to an alternate delivery or different program for which space is available and for which you meet admission requirements. The alternate program or delivery you choose must be available in the same term as your original application.

Check the NorQuest College website to ensure that that the alternate program or delivery you want is still available and that you meet the admission requirements, then use Contact Admissions to send us your request.

Since I am on the waitlist, am I automatically considered for a subsequent intake? No, your application is only considered for the term to which you applied. If you wish to be considered for admission to a subsequent term, you must reapply through ApplyAlberta.
What should I do if I am no longer interested in being on a waitlist? Reach out to us through Contact Admissions to cancel your application.