Ready for an epic showdown? 

Outwit and outplay the competition in this fast-paced game and let your tactical skills shine.

Meet the team


Shanelle Pete

Business Administration

“Running and gunning is fun!” 

Shanelle joined NorQuest’s Valorant team to have fun and play games in a welcoming environment. When reminiscing about her favourite game, she chose LEGO Star Wars mainly because of the fun memories she has playing the game with her sister. Her philosophy in gaming is simple: why take the slow approach when you can rush in and own it.  

If Shanelle could be any video game character, she’d be Ellie from Last of Us because of her resilience and strength. 


Aleli Renaie Ilagan

Machine Learning

“Why not strive for personal growth and overcome challenges.” 

For Aleli, gaming is a lifelong hobby, and she wants to pursue her dream of streaming while overcoming shyness and self-doubt. She brings a range of valuable skills to her Valorant team, including having a keen analysis of enemy tactics and heightened senses.  

Two of her favourite gamers are Kyadae and Tenz, because she hopes to one day have her own gaming duo. She also respects Grim and Average Jones for their innovative game play. 


Jamaella Espino

Pharmacy Technician

“Take the chance to do something fun while improving your gaming skills.” 

Jamaella joined NorQuest’s Valorant team to have fun and meet people who have similar interests. Her gaming style is unpredictable, and she likes to take competitors by surprise.  

Her favourite video game character is Sage.  


Jamie Van Dyk

Educational Assistant

“I joined NorQuest’s Esports to find friends who have the same interests as me.” 

Jamie is the Valorant team’s favourite hype person. She enjoys keeping up her team’s morale while building a sense of community. Her favourite gamer is Tenz, due to his incredible aim in Valorant. 

If she could be any video game character, she’d hands-down be Kill Joy.  


Gretha Pedro

Machine Learning

“It’s not just about gaming; being part of an Esports team showcases your teamwork, passion, and dedication.” 

Greatha is a no-trash-talk player that likes to keep her gaming environment positive and friendly. Her favourite game is Inside, because she enjoys the blend of puzzles and storytelling. To her, it creates an immersive and challenging gaming experience. 

Her favourite gamer is Quarter Jade due to her chaotic yet calm presence. She’s also very good at Valorant.  


Tirth Joshi

Business Administration

“I enjoy playing competitively.” 

Tirth is excited to advance his skills in Valorant and to play more competitive-style gaming. He doesn’t want to spill too many secrets about his hidden gamer talent, but he hasn’t lost to anyone in Fall Guys in quite some time—that should tell you something! 

If Tirth could be any video game character, he’d be Jett, so he could jet away from all his problems.  


Jayson Huet

Supply Chain

“Having the right mindset to play the game will make you feel the competitiveness.” 

Jayson joined NorQuest’s Valorant team because he has a passion for competing in the game. He’s also looking forward to learning and having new experiences. His favourite games include Valorant, WoW, and GTA.  

As a video game character, he’d like to be Jett, so he can updraft in his life. 


Ashley Kate Chan

Interdisciplinary Therapy Assistant (Alumni)

“I am quick to adapt.” 

Ashley joined the Valorant team to meet and play with other gamers in her community. She also looks forward to sharing her knowledge while gaining new skills along the way. Plus, the break from work and school is an added bonus. 

If she could be any video game character, she’d be R2-D2 in Lego Star Wars, so she could float around and zap people. 

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