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Research at NorQuest

NorQuest College supports a wide variety of research including applied research, market research, community-based research, discovery research, and scholarly inquiry. Research may be undertaken by faculty, staff, and/or students, and may be initiated by an external organization or business. NorQuest College also supports external researchers conducting research with our staff and students.

Applied research services

Through our applied research services, NorQuest College responds to the needs of businesses, industry, and organizations. All projects are designed to address partner-identified issues and generate useful outcomes. Our applied research projects and activities build on our areas of expertise and enable us to pursue partnerships with government, business and industry, and local community organizations.

See Information for researchers to learn more.

Community-based research hub

In 2019, NorQuest opened its community-based research hub. Located in the NorQuest Innovation Studio, the NorQuest College community-based research hub provides research services and capacity-building to local community and service organizations across the city of Edmonton. The research undertaken by our Hub is community-based, participatory in nature, and action driven. This means that projects arise from consultations with the community and are committed to the active participation of community members and organizations. Additionally, the results from these research projects belong to and directly serve the community and service organizations.

Email for more information about our community-based research hub.

Research themes

NorQuest College’s priority research themes are reflective of our program foci in health and community services, business and industry, and foundational learning. They are also reflective of the college’s strategic priorities of enhanced presence, growth, and diversification.


Increasing demands on Canada’s health care system have created the need for innovative solutions and collaborative knowledge translation. Nationally recognized for its health programs, NorQuest’s applied health research and innovation is helping to ensure that Alberta is prepared to meet the growing need for front-line health care providers, particularly in the area of continuing care. NorQuest’s partnerships with the Institute for Continuing Care Education and Research and the Interdisciplinary Health Education Partnership provide faculty and students the opportunity to lead and collaborate on a variety of health-related projects.

Business and industry

NorQuest provides individuals with a range of professional skills to help them get started in business careers. We also work extensively with various industries to offer specialized corporate training and services to help businesses improve the quality of their products and services.

Community and social innovation

Building on our community service and foundational programming, NorQuest works closely with local community and governmental organizations to address social issues, support integration, and promote social innovation. We also work closely with local Indigenous communities and organizations. Our projects focus on helping our partners improve services and overcome barriers.

Scholarship of teaching and learning

NorQuest College defines excellence in teaching as being informed by scholarship, enhanced with technology, and involving competent professionals who engage learners. Our faculty stay current through critical and constructive pedagogical analysis and engaging in educational research and experimentation.

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Research Support Fund

The indirect costs of research at NorQuest College are supported, in part, by the Government of Canada’s Research Support Fund.

Institutional Research Data Management Strategy

Read NorQuest College’s Institutional Research Data Management Strategy.

Research Office

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