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Customized training in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and consulting for leaders

At the Colbourne Institute for Inclusive Leadership, we develop solutions for leaders and strategies based on your goals and needs, while keeping equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) at the forefront. We take a holistic approach, analyzing all aspects of your organization, because we know a one-size-fits-all solution isn’t sustainable. Our custom frameworks meet your unique situations and promote long-term learning and growth.

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    Developing actionable plans

    We create actionable and sustainable plans, while also providing the necessary tools and resources to ensure you can implement your EDI strategies.

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    Backed by NorQuest College

    We’ve developed collaborative relationships with subject matter experts at the College and within the community to offer a multidisciplinary approach for our services.

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    Operating across Canada

    We’ve helped clients across the country improve their EDI leadership competency, policies and practices, while working towards a pathway to building more inclusive spaces. This has given us the experience, data, and research necessary to provide effective EDI services across Canada.


Creating a cycle of impact

As leaders develop stronger EDI practices, those principles can be cascaded down throughout the organization, creating a cycle of impact that continuously transforms more lives and promotes sustainable success.

As leaders develop stronger EDI practices, those principles can be cascaded down throughout the organization, creating a cycle of impact that continuously transforms more lives and promotes sustainable success.


Empower & educate leaders

Leaders are accountable to their employees

Long-term change occurs

EDI is a commitment and a journey

Empower & educate leaders

When leaders invest in professional EDI training, they are gaining access to subject matter experts, resources, and an action plan they can then use to train their staff.

Leaders are accountable to their employees

As staff are trained in the new EDI policies and thinking, they become ambassadors of change and help implement the plan throughout all aspects of your organization.

Long-term change occurs

As your EDI plan is implemented, staff experience a greater sense of satisfaction, leading to higher retention rates, more meaningful contributions, and greater organizational success.

EDI is a commitment and a journey

Depending on your needs, we can help you start small and work towards larger change, ensuring the cycle of impact continues until you meet your EDI goals.

EDI services in amiskwacîwâskahikan [Edmonton] and beyond

We undertake each new partnership with a solutions-focused and compassionate lens. We’re a judgement-free zone and operate by finding ways forward and encouraging growth and transformation. We will use data and evidence to inform our support, strategies, and action plans.

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    Our EDI services include consulting and professional development.

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    Discover our free resources and online learning material.

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    Evidence informs our content and approach. We can also partner on your applied research.

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Results that transform workplaces and lives

Based on a LinkedIn survey, creating and maintaining EDI strategies and policies directly impacts recruitment efforts, employee contributions, and financial growth. When an organization creates a culture of inclusion, they not only improve their workplace and reputation, but they also improve the working environment for their team, so they can contribute in more meaningful ways.

  • 80%

    of job seekers prefer to work for organizations that promote EDI values.

  • 87%

    better decision-making among organizations with diverse teams.

  • 2.5X

    higher cash flow per employee for diverse organizations.

We’ve helped clients across Canada 

Our clients come to us with unique challenges and aspirational goals. As their trusted partners, we listen to their needs and goals and work with them to develop and implement their unique EDI strategies.

  • The Colbourne Institute’s services have helped my organization to excel in the area of inclusive practices, and have improved employee moral by a huge margin.

    — ATB Financial
  • The Colbourne Institute team created an interactive and educational program that leveraged their industry experience along with education and direction for building and benchmarking a Diversity and Inclusion program. The team was focused on our needs and understanding our business to ensure success.

    — PCL Construction — PCL Construction
  • [The Colbourne Institute has helped] Sherritt in assessing its current strengths and challenges in the area of diversity and inclusion (D&I). Over the past year, this work has helped Sherritt to move this discussion into concrete goals and priorities related to developing and sustaining an inclusive workplace Culture.

    — Sherritt International Corporation

Our clients

Our team has worked with many innovative organizations, including Lethbridge College, Sherritt, NAIT, Alberta Medical Association, Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Government of Alberta, Alberta Construction Safety Association, Alberta Machine Intelligence Institute, and more.

Frequently asked questions

What does EDI stand for? EDI stands for equity, diversity, and inclusion. It also means recognizing that we live in a settler colonial society that upholds systemic inequities against Indigenous people, Black people, people of colour, the 2SLGBTQ+ community, and minority faith communities.
How can EDI benefit my organization?

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) strategies guide organizations on their journey to becoming employers of choice. Research has shown that diverse and inclusive workforces improve both employee and team performance, stimulating meaningful collaborative work, which in turn increases a sense of belonging and ownership of the work at hand.

Actioning EDI also accelerates business outcomes leading to revenue growth by nurturing creativity and fostering innovation. While EDI helps organizations grow in various ways, we all benefit from creating inclusive spaces.

Do we really need an EDI strategy? What if my organization is already inclusive? An EDI strategy supports organizations in intentional growth. At the CIIL, we’ll help you identify how much your current EDI initiatives are working and where opportunities for growth may exist. An EDI strategy will help create an actionable and outcome driven approach to ensuring that growth within your organization is continuous. You’ll also be able to measure your impact through an ouctcomes based approach.

Behind the name

The Colbourne Institute for Inclusive Leadership was formerly known as the Centre for Intercultural Education. However, in 2018, the Centre was given a remarkable gift to support its growth and broaden its mandate from Dr. S. Ann Colbourne, Chair of the NorQuest College Board of Governors at that time.

Because of her generosity, the Centre was renamed the Colbourne Institute of Inclusive Leadership in her honour.

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