Gamarjo Ahmed

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LINC alumnus returns to share workplace expectations

Canada is a place where economic stability, happiness, and a sense of community amid many cultures is regularly achieved.

But despite that, it still takes hard work and determination for most Canadians to achieve their goals.

NorQuest College Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) and Apprenticeship Prep alumnus Gamarjo Ahmed is an example of a new Canadian who has embraced the strength needed to succeed in this country.

“Concentrate, pay attention, and take the initiative!”

Those were words of wisdom that Ahmed, now a first year insulating apprentice, recently offered a group of NorQuest Apprenticeship Prep students during an in-class presentation.

“Bosses like people who get the job done,” he added.

Getting the job done is something Ahmed knows how to do. It wasn’t easy for the 29-year-old when he first arrived in Canada from Somalia five years ago. However, going through NorQuest’s foundational programming helped him find his confidence and a career path in the trades.

Helping him succeed was the encouragement of a NorQuest instructor, who like all of the college’s instructors view students as partners in education. On top of hands-on help with his school work, Derek Flynn gave Ahmed stress relieving tips that included eating well, relaxing and taking time to breath, using his faith, and even getting a good night’s sleep.

“He believed in me and said, ‘you can do it!’”