Suzanne Nyokabi

Social Work

Suzanne Nyokabi and her daughter

The spirit of giving inspired Suzanne Nyokabi to enroll in NorQuest College’s Social Work diploma program. She says what she got back was similarly inspirational.

“I really enjoyed the student experience at NorQuest College,” Suzanne says. “And one of my instructors was truly my rock; I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.”

Now a Registered Social Worker, Suzanne works at Alberta Health Services as a Client Care Assistant. The work involves therapy and engagement to help clients with harm reduction, intervention and administering to basic needs.

Prior to attending NorQuest College, Suzanne worked with high-risk youth and inner city agencies for nearly six years. “Through this experience, I developed interpersonal skills and strong relationships with clients, families and community groups.”

In addition to helping formalize Suzanne’s practical knowledge, she says she also benefitted from the Social Work program’s unique multicultural focus. This focus helps students develop intercultural values and knowledge, and skills for social work practice.

NorQuest College support services

Another important person Suzanne supports is her daughter. As a single parent, juggling school and work can be difficult but Suzanne credits NorQuest College’s faculty, staff and support services for helping her along the way.

“The supports are particularly good for the College’s many immigrant students,” says Suzanne, a native of Kenya. About 55 per cent of NorQuest students are born outside of Canada.

According to Social Work instructor Donna Bell, Suzanne’s dedication, perseverance and ability to utilize support services at the College helped her successfully complete the Social Work diploma program.  

“Suzanne’s determination to succeed is admirable,” says Donna. “She never shied away from the hard work.”

I really enjoyed the student experience at NorQuest College. And one of my instructors was truly my rock; I wouldn’t be where I am today without her.