Gerard Amani

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"I have a dream, I have a goal, I have a vision, and I'm on a life long mission"

Gerard was born January 21, 1990 in Uviva, Democratic Republic of the Congo. When he was eight years old his family moved to refugee camps and eventually to Cape Town, South Africa. In the spring of 2008 xenophobia dominated South Africa. People could not go to work or school for fear of being thrown from the train and hurt. They lived not knowing what or if they were going to eat the next day. His parents worked with the Canadian Embassy to get his family in to Canada where his older brother was already living. Gerard was 18 years old with a grade seven education when he finally arrived in Canada.

And so began his journey at NorQuest College…his achievements stem from the person that he is – positive, charismatic, involved and focused. He has demonstrated exceptional aptitude for motivating others, getting involved, encouraging those around him and being an agent of change.

Success at school also meant being involved in many extracurricular activities. A member of the Students’ Association and the RBC Student Ambassador Program, he has been a volunteer and speaker at many internal and external functions in support of the College. At her installation in 2010, Dr. Jodi Abbott met with Gerard earlier that day and was so impressed she later referenced him in her speech. He shared his student experience with donors and stakeholders on more than one occasion and represented the College at the Big Sky Summit in April 2011.

A very charismatic and dynamic person, Gerard is a speaker who can tell a story and hold the attention of any crowd. In June 2011 he spoke in support of the One Thousand Women: One Million Possibilities luncheon. With more than three hundred in attendance, Gerard delivered a speech that was inspiring and a call to action. Monies raised that afternoon in support of the Student Emergency Fund totaled more than $125,000!

In his speech, he noted that one day he would like to return to Africa to share his hope, experiences and knowledge attained while living in Canada. Six months later he was leaving to do just that with the Canada World Youth Program.

While on his placement in Kenya, the group he was working with had occasion to visit St. Edwin’s orphanage. From that moment forward most afternoons after his work placement were spent with the orphans. After seeing what the orphans had, or didn’t have, he chose to host his twenty-second birthday party at the home of his host mom and invited all the orphans. Showing true leadership and drive, he worked to ensure there was enough food for everyone. He also gave each child a small gift. This is typical of Gerard and in his own words "it was a perfect birthday."

Gerard’s goal since arriving in Canada has been to one day help people change their lives for the better. Towards that end, he has created his own charitable organization and hopes to work with youth in Edmonton to change people’s lives….

REST(Reaching Everyone Suffering Together) – if you would like to help Gerard make a difference!

Fall 2012, Gerard will continue his education at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in Business Administration majoring in Human Resources Management. Gerard’s adventure continues – the bottom line is Gerard is a wonderful, generous person, always willing to help, optimistic and part of the solution. He has truly been an ambassador for the College since his arrival in 2008! His 2012 nomination for a Provincial Award Celebrating Excellence as an Outstanding Alumnus is just one more crowning achievement for this amazing young man. NorQuest College is very proud to say Gerard David Mutabazi Amani is OUR alumnus!

"Alone I cannot do much, but together we can bring big change into this world" - Gerard Mutabazi Aman

I have a dream, I have a goal, I have a vision, and I'm on a life long mission.