Online networking and mentorship

What if every student and alumni from NorQuest College could make new connections where they could learn, share, and grow?

Introducing NorQuest Networking Cafe: matching students with alumni, and campus and community members for a career-inspiring coffee.

Having a diverse network means a world of difference. In fact, 85% of all jobs are filled through networking, yet many people feel they lack the skills or resources to develop professional relationships.

Ten Thousand Coffees is an exclusive networking platform that connects you to your NorQuest community and alumni for meaningful career conversations, based on specific career interests and goals. You can schedule and set up a coffee chat to take place in person or online.

How does it work?


Sign up

Answer questions about your background and interests/expertise. Matches are made based on participants’ identified goals (e.g. share experiences, learn new skills)



You’ll receive a monthly email from a student or alumni who may be interested in learning from you.



Suggest a time to chat in person, at a coffee shop, or online, to share your advice and experience.

There’s no minimum or maximum time commitment for this! This could be as little as a 15-minute conversation or half-hour coffee meetings throughout the year. The choice is yours!

Why you should join

  • It’s a great way to give back to others
  • You can help someone develop their networking skills and discover careers relevant to their education
  • You’ll receive an official LinkedIn networking certificate
  • Your conversation could make a lifelong impact on someone!

Join the NorQuest networking cafe

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