Become a mentor or mentee

Whether you’re looking to mentor a current student or find a mentor for yourself, NorQuest’s Networking Café provides the opportunity to do both.

Connecting with the community

By joining NorQuest’s Networking Café and accessing Ten Thousand Coffees, you can connect with a mentor or mentee based on what you’re searching for. This unique program connects you with current and past students, NorQuest staff, and external partners, giving you the perfect opportunity to grow your network. 
You can access a directory of mentors or mentees and message individuals who you’d like to connect with. Plus, each month you’ll receive an email with a new connection that matches your search criteria. 

Benefits of becoming a mentor

Did you know 64% of college students that drop out do so because of mental health issues? While NorQuest has several support systems to help students navigate their post-secondary experience, offering mentorship can provide the guidance a current learner needs to continue their studies and increase their confidence.

When you become a mentor, you can impact your mentee’s life and help them grow both professionally and personally. In addition, becoming a mentor can also help you achieve your own goals. Some of the benefits include:

  • Strengthening your resume
  • Enhancing leadership and communication skills
  • Creating a strong professional network
  • Helping others and providing a positive influence
  • Seeing a new perspective and engaging in your own growth
  • Appreciating how far you’ve come
  • Increasing your confidence
  • Gaining recognition for your experience and skills

Benefits of becoming a mentee

Navigating the transition between school and career can feel overwhelming. And while NorQuest prepares you for your career through work-integrated learning, career services, and job fairs, gaining guidance from a more experienced mentor in your industry can make a huge impact. 

Having a mentor can help you:

  • Achieve career goals
  • Broaden career opportunities
  • Overcome workplace challenges
  • Understand your strengths and weaknesses so you can continue to grow as a professional and as an individual
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Gain better leadership skills
  • And more!

Join NorQuest’s Networking Café. Build meaningful relationships and engage in impactful conversations while you share your knowledge and experience.