Student appeals

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for appeals about admissions, transfer credit, enrolment, and financial decisions.

Refer to the Office of Student Judicial Affairs for information about appeals for academic misconduct, non-academic misconduct, or academic grades.

Admission and enrolment appeals

Applicants and students have the right to appeal admission and enrolment decisions and actions taken by college personnel.

The appeal process is to ensure an individual’s rights within college policies, procedures, and guidelines. Students have the right to just and equitable treatment, and the right to timely decisions based on due and reasonable process.

Before filing a formal appeal, students and applicants should consult with staff members involved and, if needed, with supervisory staff in the area of concern. We encourage students and staff to seek advice from advisors or program chairs to clarify issues and help find a resolution.

In the course of the appeal process, students and staff will be assisted in understanding their rights and responsibilities. In an appeal, students may need to demonstrate any unforeseen circumstance beyond their control, such as a serious medical condition or dire family circumstance, which has resulted in undue hardship.

If the informal review decision is unsatisfactory to the student, the student may make a request for a formal appeal to the Registrar or designate. If the appeal to the Registrar is unsatisfactory, the student may make a second appeal to the Vice President, Learner Experience. This appeal is the final level within the college.

Financial appeals and refunds

Tuition, fees, and refunds are assessed in accordance with the college’s fee schedule and refund policies. Refer to Payment, and the Withdrawal chart under Refunds for information about when financial penalties apply.

Students may appeal a financial decision due to special circumstances (e.g. documented family or medical emergency). The Registrar (or designate) is the authority for the determination of special circumstances and the adjudication of appeals.

Appeals must be initiated within 30 days of the end of term, date of drop, or withdrawal, whichever is first. A completed Request for Financial Appeal form and appropriate documentation in support of the appeal should be submitted to the Office of the Registrar. Decisions on financial appeals are final once made by the Office of Registrar.

Admissions, enrolment, and financial appeal decisions

Appeal decisions normally will be rendered within 15 business days of receiving the written appeal, depending on the complexity of the issue.

Student status during an appeal

Students whose enrolment has been terminated will not be permitted normally to attend scheduled classes during the time of the appeal process.