Office of Student Judicial Affairs

The Office of Student Judicial Affairs (OSJA) provides help and advice to students, staff, and faculty involved in dispute resolution.

The OSJA also coordinates the administration of the Student Judicial Affairs Policy. The policy and related procedures govern student academic and non-academic behaviour, performance, and integrity and provide a means for dispute resolution. They also govern cases involving grade appeals, academic and non-academic misconduct, and student complaints.

Submit a report

Students and faculty may submit academic or non-academic misconduct reports and responses. Students may also submit student complaints and grade appeals.

Submit a report

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Academic grade appeal

It is important that the integrity and accuracy of NorQuest College’s assessments of learner outcomes be maintained at the highest level possible. The college employs faculty whose training prepares them to make informed judgments about student performance. It also provides a grade appeal process that offers students a reasonable opportunity to appeal results of particular academic assessments.

Student complaints

Students have a right to complain against any college policy or administrative process alleged to be unfair. They can also complain against any individual whose actions are alleged to interfere with their reasonable and legitimate access to services or participation in appropriate college-related activities.

If a student believes that there is justification to complain about an unfair college policy, administrative process, or individual behaviour, the student should contact the Office of Student Judicial Affairs for advice.

Office of Student Judicial Affairs 780.644.6490