Travel Safe

Travelling to Canada and preparing to quarantine

Travel Safe

Travelling from outside of Canada to NorQuest College during COVID-19 requires preparation, including making a self-isolation plan for 14 days. As a new or returning international student, you should consider the following when preparing to travel.

International Student Quarantine Plan

This section provides guidance for all international students planning to travel to Canada on how to abide by the emergency order under the Quarantine Act enforced by the Government of Canada to slow down the spread of COVID-19. Not following Government of Canada protocols may result in being denied entry into the country and students may also be fined in certain situations for non-compliance.

This page will be updated as the situation changes; monitor it frequently if you are planning to travel to Canada.

Travel restrictions have been amended effective October 20, 2020, which allows international students to enter Canada regardless of where they are traveling from or when their study permit was approved. Visit the Government of Canada website for more details.

If you are planning to travel to Canada, email as early as possible to inform us so we can ensure you have everything necessary in place for your safe travel and self-isolation. We will follow up by phone and email during your first two weeks in Canada to check your well-being.

Quarantine requirements

Your 14-day self-isolation must include the following:

  • the document showing the reservation of your 14-day self-isolation location
  • arranged transportation to your self-isolation location
  • arrangements for necessary supplies of food/meals, medication, and cleaning services
  • availability of mobile and internet connection

Be ready to demonstrate this quarantine plan to a Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) officer upon arrival to Canada.

Accommodation options for self-isolation

Having a 14-day self-isolation plan in place prior to departure is mandatory, even if you have no symptoms. Otherwise, you may not be allowed to enter the country.

We can help arrange self-isolation accommodation at:

If you are not sure of how to arrange a self-isolation plan, email

Medical health insurance

If you are arriving several weeks before start of the term, you must obtain your own private medical or travel insurance that covers medical expenses in Canada to be safe during the time until the NorQuest’s health and dental insurance takes effect.