Why NorQuest

We know you have lots of choices in educational institutions. So, why should you choose NorQuest College?

Since 1965, NorQuest College has gained a great deal of respect for the support that we have given to students of all backgrounds and all walks of life.

We will continue to do this, because our students make us what we are, they make us unique.

  • uniquely able to deliver to the increasing demands of our economy
  • uniquely able to shape the future of our province
  • uniquely able to maximize the potential that other post-secondary institutions just don’t see.

At NorQuest College, we make a difference in the lives of students by helping them in their quest for success. Our students have success in their future and we have the ability to unlock their potential and guide them to a better future.

We offer some of the best and most comprehensive student services and supports in the post-secondary market in Alberta. From student advising to financial aid to a wide range of learning supports, we ensure our students have the tools to succeed.

Our students need a progressive education that they can rely on, not just today but tomorrow, and further into the future. Their qualifications need to be met with respect and carry a reputation of quality. And so our teaching needs to remain relevant, advance with the times and stay respected by all.

We offer workforce-relevant programs and courses designed to ensure our students succeed in obtaining meaningful and rewarding employment. 95% of our graduates find employment or continue their education. We are an important step in our students’ path to success.

We know that our role is to be the catalyst between students and employers – and doing this well guarantees a strong future for our communities and Alberta as a whole. We understand and foster the critical relationship between students and employers, ensuring the education we offer is relevant and necessary to both.

We offer a mature, inclusive, student-centred learning environment. We know that the majority of our students are adults, with work and family commitments that need to be juggled with obtaining an education, so we offer flexible program deliveries that allow students to study in their communities at the times and by the methods that help them achieve balance in their lives.

We know each student is unique, and we embrace that in the knowledge that you have to be different to make a difference. We will accept and welcome everyone and their uniqueness and make them feel part of NorQuest.

We have an incredibly diverse student population, and we celebrate their cultures through events, culturally-sensitive student supports, and promoting understanding and acceptance throughout the College. At the same time, we promote and assist students in adapting to and living successful lives in Canadian communities by sharing Canadian culture and traditions. In doing this, we make our communities stronger.

This is an exciting time at NorQuest College. We are stepping forward to a new future for our students, our communities, and our province. We are confident in our students and in ourselves.

NorQuest College is:

  • inclusive
  • student-centred
  • relevant and necessary
  • exciting
  • catalyzing
  • confident
  • and progressive

At NorQuest College, we step forward so that you may step forward to your future. Join us, and experience a truly different college.

Do you know about the NorQuest Learning Experience? It's our commitment to you. Learn more about the NorQuest Learning Experience - one more reason why NorQuest College is the right choice.