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Managerial Leadership

Managerial Leadership is designed to help you unlock your full potential as a leader so that you can create a culture of innovation, adaptability, and growth. With this badge, you will gain a deeper understanding of emotional intelligence to help you manage your own emotions and respond effectively to the emotions of others, making you a more effective and influential leader. You will also learn how to embrace your unique leadership style to effectively navigate challenging circumstances and team dynamics.

  • Understand emotional intelligence and your unique leadership style.
  • Topics include personal leadership style, personal brand, design thinking, emotional intelligence, and agile leadership.
  • Individuals who take this badge will be tasked with a Leadership Opportunity Challenge as an opportunity to transfer the knowledge, skills and attitudes learned within the program to authentic workplace situations.

What is a Digital badge

Carefully curated learning activities that provide learners with opportunities to gain specific skills or competencies that are workforce relevant and valued by employers, without enrolling in a credential program. The outcome can be shared digitally and allows employers to easily identify candidates who have mastered a specific skill set for success in their industry.

What to expect from the program

This is an online program taught in real-time with instructors skilled in leadership and management with practical organizational experience. Self-paced activities complement the virtual lectures and include simulations, on-the-job scenarios, and relevant reading assignments. The badge concludes with a capstone presentation that incorporates learning material into an authentic workplace situation.

What I liked about the delivery of this program is that it can be done online and while working (if your employer agrees). The instructors are all very personable, approachable, and flexible when working with an individual’s personal schedule. Each of the badges provides a great foundation of skills and knowledge to anyone currently a manager or pursuing a management position. The program has given me confidence and understanding of my role in our organization, advancing my leadership skills.

– Sylvia Bonnett

Who should take this program

Managerial Leadership is suited for new and emerging leaders who are in entry-level and mid-level supervisory or management roles. The program combines learners from different industries and positions, providing you with the opportunity to understand business and leadership challenges from diverse perspectives.    

What you'll learn

The badge is comprised of the following course topics:  

  • Personal Leadership Brand - This course will encourage learners to discover and pursue their own personal leadership brand. It will demonstrate how a powerful leadership brand will enhance the learner’s ability to achieve career goals, be an authentic agent, and broaden and deepen leadership impact.

  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership – This course will provide a framework to better understand and develop leadership effectiveness with a strong focus on emotional intelligence.

  • Innovators Mindset - This course is designed to prepare leaders to lead effective innovation initiatives and to strengthen their organization’s innovation capacity through the presentation of design thinking techniques.

  • Influential Leadership - In this course, learners will learn how to design an effective influence strategy to accomplish goals, even without formal authority through an understanding of team dynamics and identifying member contributions.

  • Resilient Leadership - This course will focus on practical application and skill development by exploring strategies leaders can use to help navigate through the stress and challenges of both everyday life and major events.

Additional information

Managerial Leadership is eligible for the Canada Alberta Job Grant, a training support program where an employer applies on behalf of their present or future employees for eligible training costs. Individuals are also eligible to apply for direct training costs. Visit the Canada Alberta Job Grant website or contact us for more information about the eligibility requirements.

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