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Solving your business challenges 

Industries are constantly evolving. Your organization needs tailored, responsive, and adaptable training so your employees have the skills they need to succeed in their roles. Increase productivity, strengthen staff retention, and improve workplace culture with NorQuest College’s custom training.

  • A diverse team of business experts in a modern glass office, attentively listening to a colleague's presentation, fostering collaboration and innovation.

    Inclusive learning experiences

    NorQuest is committed to creating an inclusive, welcoming place for all, and our custom training is no different.

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    Interactive sessions built on your needs

    As a leader in innovative teaching methods, we keep our training accessible and interactive while solving your unique challenges.

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    Flexible training delivery

    We can deliver your custom training material in whichever method works best for your organization, including in person, online, or hybrid.

Don’t waste your time looking anywhere else! Custom programs usually take lots of time to build with multiple meetings. NorQuest College made it extremely easy to build our leadership program for us with minimal time needing to be spent. I even didn’t have to create a pre and post-self-assessment as they took care of that for us! They also went over and beyond with ensuring we had all the information needed to apply and get reimbursed for the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. From the start to the end process, we were extremely pleased with the service NorQuest College provided and will continue to go to them for any training and development needs.

— Amanda Lorenzo

Custom training topics

Our team of industry experts have experience leading, teaching, and addressing a variety of custom training topics. While your challenges and needs will determine the training material, we specialize in leadership and various workplace skills, including communication, technology, and more.

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    A trained leadership team saves your organization money, fosters a strong workplace culture, and tackles challenges with confidence. NorQuest provides custom leadership training to give your managers the skills they need to succeed.

  • Workplace skills

    It’s important to have a skilled workforce that can meet the growing demands of today’s tech-savvy world. Training your employees and keeping them up to date with new skills and technology will empower them to confidently handle any task.

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    Worried about paying for your team’s custom training?

    Funding is available! Through the Canada-Alberta Job Grant, you can receive up to $10,000 in government funding per employee.

    Find out if you’re eligible!

Who can benefit from this program?

Our custom training is designed for both small or medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and large organizations.


Do you recognize the importance of upskilling your team, but you lack the resources or capacity to develop your own program? We can help by:

  • Creating a custom training plan that aligns with your budget
  • Acting as an extension of your team to develop training based on what your staff are currently struggling with
  • Identifying challenges you didn’t realize you’re experiencing
  • Collaborating with you to determine the best delivery method for your team
  • Answering your questions about the Canada Alberta Job Grant

Large organizations

Are you noticing skill gaps in your team, but you lack a highly specified training program to educate and empower your staff? We can help by:

  • Working around your schedule to develop your needs assessment
  • Providing comprehensive and interactive training for large groups
  • Saving you time and resources
  • Increasing employee morale and skill development
  • Identifying your challenges, providing solutions, and working towards your goals

Benefits of investing in your employee’s upskilling 

In a study conducted by Indeed, 96% of employees report they’re more likely to stay with a company if they feel confident. If your organization is experiencing low levels of staff retention, custom training can provide the clarity, confidence, and morale boost your staff needs to remain in their role.

Plus, in the same study, 98% of employees said they perform better when they feel confident. If you’ve noticed a lack of productivity and results amongst your staff, investing in custom training can empower them to perform better and have a positive impact on your organization’s bottom line.

Custom training process

  • Needs analysis

    We’ll work with you to determine what your specific challenges and needs are.

  • Determining objectives

    We’ll collaborate together to determine what your goals are based on your challenges and your vision for success.

  • Training delivery

    Based on your needs assessment and objectives, we’ll create and deliver your program material within your budget, time frame, and preferred delivery method.

  • Evaluation

    After we deliver your training program, we’ll evaluate the results and help you determine what the next steps are.

Ready to get started? 

Contact us today and take the first step towards a thriving business with a strong and confident team.

Michelle Naylor,
Business Development Manager

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