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Health Care Leadership

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Health Care Leadership

The Health Care Leadership post-diploma certificate program is offered in a student-centred classroom or an online blended environment to prepare graduates for leadership roles within a variety of health-care settings.

What to expect from the program

The program delivers theoretical knowledge and skills assessment related to leadership and management with focuses on: leadership development, cultural sensitivity, communication, organizational behaviour, principles of adult education, business fundamentals, strategic planning, and inter-professional collaboration. Students will acquire advanced leadership skills that will assist them in being recognized as essential contributors to the overall operations of both private and public health organizations.

Learn from experienced health care leaders who know what you need to be successful in modern health workplaces. Mobilize your team, influence your peers, and drive progress for yourself and for your organization.

Establish personal and professional leadership competencies that help you flourish as a leader in health care. Connect with diverse participants and experience NorQuest’s holistic approach to values-driven leadership.

Advance your theoretical knowledge and leadership development skills, focusing on cultural sensitivity, communication, organizational behaviour, strategic planning, inter-professional collaboration, principles of adult education, research, and business essentials. Your new awareness of what’s needed in today’s health care system will allow you to confidently apply for and obtain leadership roles within your chosen health profession or in related fields.

Career opportunities

A Health Care Leadership post-diploma certificate would benefit individuals with a previous diploma or degree who wish to enhance their career opportunities by gaining higher level competencies in leadership and management. Following program completion, individuals with a degree in health or allied health disciplines would be able to get positions such as: team lead, coordinator, manager, supervisor, or educator in a variety of public and private settings such as: hospitals, continuing care centres, schools, community and government agencies and private health-care facilities. The skills acquired in this program are transferable to similar leadership roles that are not health-related.

Graduates may also choose to be entrepreneurial and establish their own health-care business related to their field of expertise.

The program could also be of interest to international students with a health-related degree who are seeking a Canadian educational experience to supplement their international experience.

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