Generative AI Workshop and Campus Tour

June 26, 2024

1:00 - 2:45 pm

Edmonton - CELT 2-206

Generative AI Workshop and Campus Tour

Are you interested in starting a tech career? Do you want to be part of the future and learn in-demand skills in AI and Machine Learning?

If so, a career as a Machine Learning Analyst might be for you!

Join our free, in-person info session, campus tour, and AI workshop on May 29th to learn more about our Machine Learning Analyst program and take part in a fun, interactive activity. You’ll receive insider information about the application process, admission requirements, career opportunities, and much more.

  • Create an ID card using Generative AI tools that will also create an avatar and short biography
  • Leverage emerging AI tools by effectively prompting them to get desired results
  • Identify hallucinations made by generative AI tools
  • Connect generative AI hallucinations to problematic biases in our data and culture

Note: This is an instructor-led workshop. You do not have to have prior knowledge, training, or education in AI to enjoy this activity. Whether you’re a beginner in the tech space or already have a bit of experience, you’ll have fun diving deeper into the world of AI.

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