Get involved

While monetary donations are incredibly important for the success of our fundraising initiatives, our volunteers provide support and expertise that are equally as important. Without them, 1000 Women never could’ve reached over $5.5 million dollars in donations.

Your generosity and compassion are appreciated, and we can’t wait to make more of a difference with your help.

Host a fundraising event

Do you love planning events? Is one of your talents bringing people together and creating a welcoming, exciting, and uplifting environment? By hosting a 1000 Women fundraising event, you can lend your natural expertise while making an incredible impact.

Email Kelly Opper by clicking the link below if you’re interested in hosting a fundraising event.

Host a fundraising event!


Fundraising committee

  • Donna Fong
  • Katie Hayes
  • Olga Klimko
  • Rosa Ellithorpe

Sponsorship committee

  • Alex McMillan
  • Catherine Vu
  • Edie Bates
  • Vanessa Carias
  • Wendy MacKay
  • Alessandra Bruni

Promotions and communications committee

  • Helen Cashman
  • Janelle Janis
  • Megan Wickens
  • Michael Brechtel
  • Tonya Kemp
  • Erin Davis