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Compete against other universities and colleges across Canada.

Valorant Logo

Valorant is a 5-person team-based first-person tactical hero shooter set in the near future. Players play characters based on several countries and cultures around the world.

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FIFA logo

FIFA is one of the bestselling sports video games of all time. Compete against your opponent in a detailed, realistic soccer experience and fight for the official world title.

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Super Smash Bros logo

Gaming icons clash in the ultimate showdown of speed, agility, and power. Choose from some of Nintendo's most beloved characters—including Mario, Link, Bowser, and more.

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Apex Legends logo

Apex Legends has it all: epic worldbuilding, edge-of-your-seat action, and legendary characters. Showcase your strategic combat skills in this award-winning hero shooter game.

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Frequently asked questions

What is a collegiate varsity Esports program?

An Esports varsity team represents a college or university and competes against other post-secondary institutions.

Who is eligible to join NorQuest’s varsity esports team?

If you’re enrolled at NorQuest and have a passion for gaming, you’re eligible to join a varsity team.

Are try-outs required?

Sometimes! Depending on the Esports title, try-outs may be required. Visit the varsity game page to learn more!

Are you currently recruiting new varsity members?

Not yet, but we will be in August 2023! Join the newsletter for a reminder to sign up.

Is NorQuest the only collegiate varsity Esports team in Edmonton?

Yes! We are the first and only collegiate varsity program in Edmonton.

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