Your 'To Do' list

You've applied to NorQuest College, and you've received a confirmation letter from us. So, how do you keep track of the next steps you need to take to ensure you can start your course or program? We've made it easy for you!

Your 'To Do' list

Your 'To Do' list is a checklist of requirements you must complete to be accepted and continue your program. You can find your personal 'To Do' list in MyQuest.

Each item on your list must be completed before the term starts, or you will not be able to start your program.

  • Once you have completed a task, it will be removed from the 'To Do' list.
  • Complete your 'To Do' list as soon as possible to ensure you will be ready to start your program in the term you want.
  • If you are unable to complete the list, you will need to reapply, complete another application and pay another application fee.

'To Do' list statuses

Each task on your list will have a status, indicating what needs to be done and the dates those items are due.

ActiveYour documentation is currently being assessed for admission. No action is needed by you right now.
We have received your application. The checklist items on your 'To Do' list need to be completed for you to be admitted to the program.

You have received conditional admission or provisional admission, dependent on completion of this task. See Conditional admissionfor more information.

You must complete this checklist item by the due date or you may be denied admission or withdrawn from your program.

We have attempted to contact you about your admission item(s). Check your MyMail for more information.
Not Met
You have not met this academic requirement. Check your MyMailfor more information on your next steps.
Your documentation has been received by the Office of the Registrar.

Due dates

Our student information system automatically assigns due dates for tasks in your 'To Do' list. If you are concerned about meeting the due dates specified, you may be eligible for an extension. Email to request an extension.

Exceptions: items with a conditional or provisional status must be met by the due date specified by Admissions. We will not grant extensions for requirements having either of these statuses.