Enrolling in courses

Before you can attend NorQuest College, you must first be enrolled in courses.

An enrolled student in good standing is one who:

  • has been enrolled for one or more courses,
  • has been assessed tuition and fees, and
  • has paid the fees in full. See Payment for more information.

Steps to enrol

Once you pay your tuition deposit or we confirm your sponsorship, the Office of the Registrar will email information about enrolment to your MyMail account. See How to enrol in courses for more information or watch these videos. After you have been enrolled:

  • you will be able to see your class schedule in MyQuest
  • your tuition and fees will be assessed
  • you can request a student ID card
  • you can buy your books and materials from the bookstore

Enrolling in open entry/open exit delivery courses

Open entry/open exit courses allow you flexibility on your start date. You can select your start date and will have a set number of weeks to complete your course. You can complete the course before the specified end date. Make sure you are aware of your course start and end dates when you enrol. Full payment of tuition and fees is due at the time of enrolment.

Changes to enrolment

NorQuest College uses standard add, drop, and withdrawal deadlines for all credit programs and courses. While you may withdraw from a program or drop a course any time before its completion, academic and/or financial penalties may apply.

Adding courses

You can choose to add credit courses to your schedule before or during the add period of the course. This is the first 10% of each class. The add period also applies to enrolling in a program. You cannot add a course once the add period is over./p>

Visit How to enrol in courses for instructions on adding a course.

Dropping courses

You can choose to drop individual credit courses within the drop period (the first 10% of each class) without academic or financial penalty. Courses dropped during this period do not appear on your official transcript.

After the drop period has elapsed, you may drop a credit course at any time, but with academic and financial consequences. Before dropping a course, you should make sure you understand the consequences.

Non-attendance is not considered an official notice of dropping a course.

To drop a course, you must either:

  • Log into MyQuest to drop a course (available for certain programs), or
  • Email enrolment@norquest.ca from your MyMail address if you intend to drop your course. The date we receive your email will determine the consequences of dropping your course.

Remember to return any outstanding book rentals and materials, or we will charge these to your student account.

Dropping courses for medical reasons

If you are unable to complete your class(es) due to medical reasons, email enrolment@norquest.ca with your drop request and a doctor’s note that shows the time you needed to be away from studies. This may reduce the academic and financial consequences of your course drop.

Withdrawing from a program

If you do not wish to remain in your program for the current or future terms, you may withdraw from your program at any time. When you withdraw, we will remove you from all courses. You will need to reapply to the program and meet admission requirements again if you wish to return in the future.

Non-attendance is not considered an official notice of withdrawal.

To withdraw from a program, you must notify the college in writing of your intent to withdraw. Complete, sign, and submit a Program withdrawal form to the Office of the Registrar. The date we receive your form will determine your consequences of withdrawing.

Remember to return all outstanding book rentals and materials, or or we will charge these to your student account.

If you withdraw after the drop period of courses in a term, there will be academic and financial consequences.

If you are withdrawing for medical reasons, see Dropping courses for medical reasons, above, for what you should provide.

College-initiated withdrawal

The college has the right to withdraw a student for failure to follow college policies, including:

  • lack of academic progress
  • academic misconduct
  • non-academic misconduct
  • poor attendance, or
  • non-payment of fees

In the case of a withdrawal from a program for disciplinary reasons, the notation 'Required to Withdraw' will appear on the transcript.

Withdrawal for lack of academic progress

If you are not enrolled in courses in your program for more than one term, we will withdraw you from the program due to inactivity. You must reapply and be readmitted to return to the program.

Current students not attending for a term

If you are in a program and attending courses, you may take the next single consecutive term off and then return to the program without reapplying for admission. If you take more than one term off, you must seek readmission by reapplying and paying the application fee.

If you wish to take a term off, you must drop all courses for the term you wish to take off before the start of that term. You are responsible for all outstanding fees until you do this. Any requests made after the term has begun are subject to the college's withdrawal policy. You are responsible for enrolling in courses for your return term also.

Only current, active students are permitted to take a term off without having to seek readmission. New applicants who are unable to attend the term they have applied for must reapply and pay an application fee to be considered again. Students who wish to take a term off must still complete their program within the most time allotted.

Academic withdrawal rules

Withdrawal period (without academic penalty)

If you drop or withdraw from a credit course between the 21% and 50% point of the class length, you will receive a ‘W’ grade (Withdrawal, without academic penalty) on your official transcript. The ‘W’ grade is not calculated in your grade point average (GPA).

Withdraw/fail period (with academic penalty)

If you drop or withdraw from a credit course after the 50% point of the class length, you will receive an academic penalty grade of ‘WF’ (Withdraw Fail) on your official transcript. The ‘WF’ grade is calculated in your GPA as a value of 0.0 (4.0 grade scale) or 0% (percentage scale).

Official date of withdrawal

If you submit a request to drop courses or a Program withdrawal form directly to the Office of the Registrar, the date the request is received is the official withdrawal date for purposes of assessing academic penalties and refunds.

If a college representative submits a drop or withdrawal request to the Office of the Registrar on your behalf, then the date of submission of the request is used to determine the official date of the drop or withdrawal.

Program transfers

If you wish to transfer to another college program, you must submit an application for admission and pay the application fee.

College cancellation of a course or program

The college offers programs and courses based on anticipated demand. In the event that we need to postpone or cancel a program or course, the college will provide as much notice as possible to affected students. If the college cancels a program or course, we will issue you a full refund.