Accepted Student Forms

Authorization for Release of Student Information
To allow NorQuest College permission to disclose your student information to specific individuals.
Immunization form and Instructions
To be completed by a Health Nurse to record your immunization shots.
International Transcript Exception Request
To be completed if you are not able to have your official documents sent directly to NorQuest College.
Parental or Legal Guardian Consent
To be completed by your parents or legal guardian if you are under the age of 18 giving you consent. Students must be 18 years or older by the program start date to attend NorQuest College.
Request for Letter
To be completed if you want to request a special letter from the Office of the Registrar such as a Sponsorship letter.
Request to Correct Personal Information
To notify NorQuest College that your legal name or other personal information has changed.
Third-Party Authorization Form
To allow a third party to act on your behalf in certain transactions with NorQuest College.
Transfer Credit Request Form
To be completed if you want to request prior learning course credits to be transferred to your program at NorQuest College.