Virtual reality soft skills training

Gain relevant, immersive training in a low-pressure environment. Through tailored virtual reality (VR) simulations, participants will complete exercises designed to improve their soft skills, so they can succeed in the workplace.  

NorQuest’s VR training is for job seekers who are struggling to secure work in their field, employers who are interested in improving their business communication and HR processes, and post-secondary institutions who are searching for a way to assist their new grads with transitions into employment. Each training session is led by subject matter experts in a safe and controlled environment. 

Benefits for job seekers 

We all know how the common saying goes: practice makes perfection. In this VR training, job seekers can practice a wide range of scenarios, so they can improve their soft skills and increase their confidence. Job seekers will learn how to:

  • Improve interview performance
  • Understand workplace etiquette
  • Have difficult conversations
  • Undergo performance reviews
  • Effectively ask for help
  • Meet new colleagues

Interview training for job seekers.

Benefits for employers 

Many employers are struggling with finding and keeping staff. This VR training will help employers create better HR processes and improve business communication, so they can find the right candidates for their roles and retain their employees. They’ll learn how to:

  • Navigate expectations and bias
  • Create spaces for psychological safety
  • Discuss supports and accommodations with staff
  • Experience challenging work scenarios and how to communicate around them

Benefits for other post-secondary institutions 

Post-secondary institutions are constantly searching for ways to reduce barriers for their learners and improve their job prospects. Through this VR training, post-secondary institutions can equip their students and new grads with in-demand skills needed in today’s job market. Some of the benefits include:

  • Helping students maximize their post-secondary success and secure a job in their field of study
  • Improve access to rapid skills training in rural communities
  • Relieve hiring hesitation for employers and increase inclusivity in the workplace

Frequently asked questions 

  1. Are there any safety concerns with VR simulations?

    While there is a risk of VR Sickness, these are individualized experiences. Our trained subject matter experts will teach participants the proper use of the VR equipment and communicate important health and safety information to reduce discomfort. They’ll also introduce the technology slowly, so participants can build up their tolerance and engage in the simulations without being overstimulated.

  2. How long will it take?

    Because the subject matter experts slowly increase exposure over time, training scenarios will vary in length. They typically start at three-minute sessions and increase to fifteen-minute simulations.

  3. Is there a grading system?

    Some training scenarios may include a grading system to help participants improve their skills. However, creating a low-pressure, safe environment is the priority. If participants do not pass a simulation, they can try again until they receive a passing grade.

  4. Is the training free?

    Yes! There is no cost to undertake this training.

Training opportunities for employers and post-secondary institutions.

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