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Project materials

Material developed for this project is for learners at CLB (Canadian Language Benchmark) 3 and CLB 5. There are supports in the material to make it suitable for literacy learners. It is designed to be used in LINC (Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada) classes and therefore includes PBLA (Portfolio Based Language Assessment) tasks. The material is designed for use by new or experienced instructors. New instructors may benefit from the explicit delivery information while experienced teacher may choose to draw on their experience and expertise to determine how to best deliver the material.


  1. Module process
    Modules went through a rigorous process to ensure appropriate level and usability. The process varied slightly by topic and developer but included all or some of the following:
    • Developed by CLB/ES expert
    • Reviewed by LINC teacher/coordinator
    • Reviewed by PBLA expert
    • Reviewed by ES expert
    • Piloted in classes of various sizes, delivery mode and location
  2. Module components
    Modules vary in size, but average 130 hours of learning activities. The components of the curriculum modules include:
    • Module plan
    • Module Activities &038; Lessons document
    • Needs Assessment
    • Pre-Post checklist of skills
    • Lesson activities include:
      • Skill building and skill using activities in the form of handouts, PowerPoints, audios files, instructor reference files and Internet resources
      • List of recommended additional skill building resources
    • PBLA tasks
    • Reflection activities including learner self-reflections, goal setting, checklists, etc.
  3. Module topics:

    Download the curriculum materials

Title CLB 3 CLB 5
Employment Goals
Introduction to Work
Job Search
Application Forms
On the Job Basics 1
On the Job Basics 2
First Aid Basics
Workplace Safety
Introduction to Customer Service
Introduction to Sales Support
Introduction to Service Support – Non-Food (Coming soon!)    
Introduction to Service Support – Food (Coming soon!)    
Introduction to Labour (Coming soon!)    

Supplementary resources

Title CLB 3 CLB 5
Checklist of Reading Strategies
Essential Skills Defined in Chart
Oral Communication N/A
Reading Strategies
Document Use (Coming soon!)    
Numeracy Adjectives
Language Games(Coming soon!)    

Note: The modules are available in editable Word files as well as PDF booklets that combine all handouts.

Materials for online instruction 

H5P materials are available on Tutela for the following modules: 
  • Employment Goals, CLB 3 & 5 
  • Interviews, CLB 3 & 5 
  • On the Job Basics 1, CLB 3 & 5 

The Interviews Module has been put into an online interactive workbook format using Pressbook and H5P. Learners and instructors can access the online workbooks at the following links:  

Mini courses that can be run on the web

Mini courses that require an LMS

Certificate/ticket preparation modules

These materials are meant for classes that want to teach the certificate/ticket content with the goal of passing the official certificate/ticket test. Please note there are some differences in the tests by province and deliverer. Verify prior to exam preparation.

  • WHMIS Ticket

  • First-Aid Certificate

  • Food Safety Certificate

Work experience course includes

  • “How to Guide” for coordinating work placements, course processes and timelines

  • Instructor’s Guide including lesson plans

  • Learner material including handouts, PowerPoints and instructor reference documents

Feedback and Comments are highly appreciated. Contact with any input.

This project was funded by the Government of Canada's Adult Learning, Literacy and Essential Skills Program.

Project leads

Lisa Rochman

Associate Dean,
Faculty of Skills and Foundational Learning,
NorQuest College

Kim Chaba

Faculty of Skills and Foundational Learning,
NorQuest College

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