Improving Continuing Care Outcomes for Traditionally Marginalized Populations

Funder: Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Community and College Social Innovation Fund

Project Lead: Erika Goble, Associate Dean, Research

A partnership between NorQuest College, Sherwood Care, CapitalCare, Carewest, Lifestyle Options Retirement Communities, Keyano College, and the Institute for Continuing Care Education and Research, this initiative involves a series of small grass-roots projects designed to improve the care and programming being delivered to non-traditional continuing care clients. Priority populations and interventions are identified by facility staff, then quickly tested and evaluated. If they prove effective, they will then be scaled up and extended to other care organizations. Although this project was proposed prior to COVID, the impact of COVID within the continuing care sector has demonstrated how important it is for healthcare organizations to have access to rapid research in order to be able to better respond to an ever-changing environment.

Canadian Institutes of Health Research
Lifestyle Options
CapitalCare Edmonton Area
Caregivers Alberta
Keyano College
Institute for Continuing Care Education & Research